Thinking about Modern Cloth Nappies, but not sure where to start?

April 6, 2017

So you’re keen to try Modern Cloth Nappies, well here is the best guide on how to start out. A simple suggestion based on lots of feedback over the years! You can’t go wrong!

Easiest Style: All-In-One … Simply means that all the pieces of you need are built in the 1 piece. No hidden tricks needed. Simply open up the nappy, lay bub down & do up the Velcro OR Snaps around the waist (2 options with Baby BeeHinds) and you are done & ready to party!

Most Absorbent: Bamboo Fitted is our Award Winning Fitted Nappy. Imagine a super soft, cut to bubs shape & curves, with gorgeous elastic to hold everything in. The beauty of this style is it will last for a long time, is great for car trips, day or nights. Simply team with a PUL cover for a waterproof, poonami proof nappy. Deliciously soft & super absorbent. Fits from newborn all the way to toddler so also great value for money.

These two styles are always my go-to recommendations for starting out in cloth. On sale, it’s a great time to try these Award Winning Modern Cloth Nappies. If you enter the code work “firsttimer” in the comments section, we will also include a surprise in your order!

How Many Do I Need? 

If you are just starting out, then a great way to try is with a Trial Pack like our New Mums to Cloth Trial pack. You get one of each style of BBH nappy to see what you like. We recommend 12 to use cloth part time, or around 24 to use full time but firstly figure out what style suits you and your bub, then go from there. Start with 1 or 2, then build up from there.

Why do so many parents love Baby BeeHinds nappies? 

There are so many reasons we won plenty of awards at the 2016 Australian Nappy Association Awards … 1. We use double sided PUL so it feels smooth to touch inside & out. 2. We use nice wide elastics to keep EVERYTHING contained 3. Our bamboo fleece is custom made for the ultimate absorbency. 4. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from. 4. We only use the best VELCRO brand & high-quality snaps. 5. Our nappies stand the test of time, with some nappies lasting over 4 – 5 babies worth of nappy changes. 6. We have all the accessories to match. 7. We know nappies and know babies. Celebrating 13 years, we know what to do best when it comes to your bub.


So, what are you waiting for, jump in. Start with one modern cloth nappy or two & see how you go! What have you got to loose. Our planet will thank you too. Got a question, ask away!





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A Woman’s Monthly Friend: EcoPads by Baby BeeHinds

February 7, 2017

Now this might gross out a lot of women, but what if I told you there was a reusable version of your disposable options? Something that would save millions of female sanitary items ending up in landfill each year? Well such things do exist – your equivalent tampon is the silicone menstrual cup and reusable cloth sanitary pads, made in much the same way as modern cloth nappies but a lot trimmer and for mums! I am not going to save this article from the gory details as let’s face it – we all have to deal with it once a month and frequently talk about our baby’s toileting habits!


Most women I discuss this with are not surprisingly, quite disgusted by the idea. But I was recently at our local swimming pool where I met a woman who noticed that my daughter’s reusable swim nappy has the same print as her Eco Pads. We got talking about these wonderful women’s accessory and as she quite correctly said – it’s only her blood so what’s the big deal?


Admittedly when I first started using modern cloth nappies I was quite repulsed by the idea of reusable sanitary items myself. But soon enough I realised that the idea actually made sense – why would I be environmentally conscious enough to opt to use cloth nappies and still allow myself to contribute my own personal sanitary items to landfill each month for several decades? So before I had to face the idea of using tampons and pads again I got myself some Baby BeeHinds Eco Pads.


In the USA alone, it is estimated that approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons end up in landfill annually. A single woman alone will use over 10 000 sanitary products in her lifetime. Just like disposable nappies, a sanitary pad takes between 500-800 years to decompose. They are made out of non-renewable petroleum based products hence they are doing significant damage to the environment before they are used! Environmental impact aside, women’s sanitary items contain chemicals, including dioxin (a known carcinogen), that are both environmental pollutants and harmful to the user. The rayon fibres used to make tampons are absorbent but also harbor bacteria that can cause toxic-shock syndrome.


The average Australian woman spends $120-200 a year on personal sanitary items, or between $4000 to $7000 over her menstrual lifetime! A silicone menstrual cup will set you back around $40-50, and reusable sanitary pad costing on average around $12 each, with both lasting many years.

I had many questions myself before I decided to start using eco pads so I will try to address some here…


Aren’t they big and uncomfortable? How do they stay in place?

Actually quite the opposite! They are quite trim and so much softer and comfortable that they disposable version! They come in different sizes both to cater for fit and flow. The resin snaps on the wings make sure they remain secure.


How do I know what size will work best for me?

Buy a trial pack! This is very individual; I have asked a few people the same question and everyone is so different. For women who have a very heavy flow they would need more regular and night sized pads, for women with a lighter flow lights and liners might be adequate.


How many do I need?

Most women would probably use around 5 eco pads per day/overnight; to account for washing every 2 days and drying around 20 ecopads in a mixture of different sizes is ideal.


Can they be used for postpartum bleeding?

Most certainly yes and they are so much nicer than the giant disposable ones that are like incontinence pads! The ‘nights’ size would be best to use in this scenario and change to a ‘regular’ size once the flow slows down.


Isn’t is messy? What about staining?

They are easy to care for. They just require rinsing in cold water after use, wash within 24 hours in cold-warm water with an eco-friendly detergent and line dry, too easy! Pop them in the dryer on LOW temp is totally fine too! The purple cotton velour hides any sign of staining.


What about when I am out and about?

Just like using modern cloth nappies, a ‘mini’ wet bag comes in handy here. I recommend having 2 pad bags – one for clean pads and one for the used pads. The wet bags just go straight into the wash along with the eco pads!


I only wish I had discovered these sooner. I am yet to try a menstrual cup but it’s definitely the next step for me after using eco pads. Hopefully as more parents become educated about using modern cloth nappies for their babies, they become aware of the availability of lady cloth and realise how much sense it makes to literally ‘cloth’ themselves each month when aunt flo arrives.


Now is a great time to try EcoPads by Baby Beehinds. On sale starting from $6 individually or grab a trial pack to test it out. We have customers from all ages using & loving this option so why not give it a go!


Article thanks to Jamie Errico


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Cheats Guide to using Cloth Nappies – Top 10 Tips

November 26, 2016

After 6 years, 2 babies & 2 nephews in cloth nappies & countless nappy demonstrations I think I know a little about cloth nappies. Here are a few of my tricks to make life a little easier & save a little time while using cloth nappies.

Tip 1. Combined Washing Loads – Don’t have enough nappies to run a nappy only load every 2 days? Then take what ever soiled nappies you have every second day & run them through a pre-wash cycle (make sure your machine drains the water), then add in your baby clothes or sheets to the main wash cycle along with your nappies. Don’t add towels as this can cause piling on the nappies.

Tip 2. Use a flip-top bin instead of a bucket with a lid. The little bit of air circulation through these flip-top bins prevent mould & reduces the stink bomb smacking you in the face every time you remove the lid on a sealed bucket.

Tip 3. Place the inserts for a pocket nappy on the outside of the pocket (so it goes against the skin) – Saves time stuffing pockets & makes for quick removal when soiled. This only works for natural fibres like bamboo, organic cotton or hemp. Do NOT use micro-fibre inserts against the skin directly. If your baby reacts to the wetness against the skin, then go back to stuffing the inserts inside the pocket.

Tip 4. Any type of insert can be used inside a pocket to boost absorbency. Old terry squares cut to size, cotton face washers, Ikea tea towels can all be great boosters if you need something quickly.

Tip 5. Washing every second day, really does extend the life of your nappies.

Tip 6. For a super fast summer time combo for bubs under 12 months grab a bamboo fold up insert, fold in 3 and place inside a PUL cover. Super quick, dries fast & absorbent as you need!

Tip 7. You can never have enough wet bags when using cloth nappies. Once you have the hang of putting your nappies on at home, heading out is easy. Just make sure you have wet bags! Even after your babies are out of nappies, they make the best swimming bags, library bags etc.

Tip 8. Nappy Liners or a high pressure hose attached to the toilet like Little Squirt makes solids so much easier to dispose of!

Tip 9. Have your nappies folded, stuffed or snapped into their rise positions next to your change table ready to go – nothing worse than have a monstrous poonami to deal with on the change table, and no nappies ready to go. You will find poo in places you didn’t even know existed if you get stuck in that situation! So sit down with a cup of tea (or wine) or even better, get hubby to fold/stuff/snap whilst watching the tv. You would be amazed how calming the snapping/stuffing of nappies can be.

Tip 10. If you use Fitted nappies have the ready to go like this. Open PUL Cover, lay fitted inside with inserts snapped in & folded into place. Fold (but don’t snap the wings over) and do up the PUL cover. Then when its time to use the nappy simply open up the PUL Cover & open the fitted, lay bub down. Do up the fitted wings, then do up the PUL Cover. Done … Will save you having to put the Fitted on first, then lift baby up, then put the PUL cover on. Every second counts on the change table!

So there you go, my top tips for a cheats guide to cloth nappies. Have you got another tip to add then we would love to hear from you!







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Want the best for your baby?

October 13, 2016


Every baby deserves the best!

Like every new parent or parent-to-be, we only want the best for our brand new bundles of joy. The best for their skin, the best for their health, the best to enable good sleep, the best for comfort, the best for travel. Being a new parent is a mine field of questions, opinions, new normals, smells & sounds you didn’t know existed.

There are some amazing products in the market for every need, but quite often one of the most essential baby items barely gets a second thought. Off to the shops you go to stock up on the main brand nappies because let’s face it, their branding is everywhere from the moment you see those two blue lines appear!

But there are alternative options when it comes to nappies & most new parents don’t even realise they have so many options when it comes to nappies. There are some fabulous eco brands of nappies which take substantially less time to break down unlike traditional disposable nappies.  Made free from chlorine, bleach, latex and other nasties… BUT have you thought about having materials like Certified Organic Cotton or buttery soft Bamboo against your babys’ most sensitive parts? No, bet you didn’t even know such a nappy existed! Then perhaps nappies with a real modern twist may be the answer!

There is a range of reasons we have just won 6 of the major awards in the 2016 Australian Nappy Associations Awards. Modern Cloth Nappies by Baby BeeHinds use only the highest quality certified organic cotton & bamboo materials. Sourced from the finest farms & manufactured to the highest, European standards modern cloth nappies really have changed & are a whole lot easier than you probably think!

We only use the best materials for our nappies. Certified Organic Cotton & bamboo velour for absorbency. Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, yarns, dyes & finishes. GOTS Certified. Nothing but the best for your baby & ours. If you value sustainability, protecting our world from less landfill & having less chemicals against your babies skin, then you should try modern cloth nappies!

There is a range of styles of modern cloth nappies to suit every shape, and suit every budget. Start with the easiest of them all the All-In-One Velcro which is as easy to use as a disposable, but a whole lot eco-friendlier! Or work your way up to our One-Size-Fits-Most styles that adjust to fit from newborn to toilet training. We have been leading the field in modern nappies since 2004, so we know how to find the best solution for your & your baby!

With inbuilt waterproof layering, super thirsty bamboo/organic cotton for absorbency & elastics that actually stop poo-splosions escaping everywhere, why not try modern cloth nappies. Washing is simple, there is no soaking, no bleaching required.

Just one modern cloth nappy in your nappy change routine can make a difference to our planet, your back pocket & there is nothing cuter than a little cloth covered bottom!

There are also other great reusable options to try – Swim Nappies, washable nursing pads, wet bags or our gorgeous all natural wet wipes!

So why not give it a go, it really is easier than you think. Remember even 1 cloth nappy is making a difference, so whether you choose to use 1 cloth nappy or 20, every nappy change in a modern cloth nappy is making a difference!


We are running a great promotion from Boxing Day until 30th December! A great way to try cloth nappies is our NEW MUMS to CLOTH Trial Pack …. Take an extra $10 off this trial pack buy using the code “BOXINGDAY” (must use capital letters when entering the code at checkout). Offer valid 26th Dec until 30th Dec. It will save you a huge $36 of the retail prices!

Grab one now, as there is limited quantities at this awesome price!


Merry Christmas!

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Britt RainCoat Size Guide

June 9, 2016

Size (AGE)      Chest     Waist     Hip      Height
Size 1               53cm      50cm     53cm   86cm
Size 2-3           55cm      52cm      57cm   98cm
Size 4-5           57cm      54cm     61cm   110cm
Size 6-7           56cm      66cm     122cm

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Hemp Fabric .. It really is that good! Here is why ..

May 13, 2016

Ok so there is a lot of press about Hemp in the medical field at the moment for its obvious health benefits which we fully support but hemp is so useful in many other fields. We are huge fans of hemp fleece here, so we thought we would share some knowledge on what makes it a brilliant product for nappies. Hemp Fitted

Why is Hemp so sustainable as a plant? 

  • It can be grown in almost any conditions, with little chemicals, & actually replenishes the soil with nitrogen & nutrients
  • Its long roots help control soil erosion
  • Processing the hemp fibres for paper or cloth does not require chlorine to be used
  • Because hemp fibres are one of the strongest natural fibres, they can be re-used & recycled over & over .. Eco living tick!
  • Hemp material does not contain any residual chemicals from the manufacturing process – awesome for sensitive babies skin!
  • Hemp materials contains almost zero TCH unlike Marijuana, so no chance of getting loose!

Why we love Hemp in cloth nappies 

  • It is 100% natural fibres (55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton) so if you want natural fibres against your babies skin, then the Hemp Fitted is the way to go. More breathable. All natural. Much cooler.
  • It is MUCH stronger than bamboo, so is the perfect material for babies with acidic wee. Whilst acidic wee can damage bamboo fleece, hemp is almost immune to the nasty effects of acidic wee. This means you Hemp nappies may last longer than a bamboo version if your hub has acidic wee!
  • It is slightly faster drying than Bamboo, but holds the same amount of wetness.
  • Hemp has antibacterial & anti fungal qualities (like bamboo)

Tips for using Hemp Nappies 

  • It can feel a little ‘crunchy’ if line dried in the sun, however the best analogy is the material is like a pair of freshly dried denim jeans.. Body warmth & movement will soften them up very quickly so that warm, wriggly baby will make them soft in no time at all!
  • You can also pop them in the dryer on LOW for 10 minutes to soften them up!
  • Our Hemp Fitted nappies are OSFM, so you can use them from newborn to toddler – simply adjust the sizing as baby grows, so they are great value for money!
  • They make an excellent night nappy for medium wetters. Because they are so absorbent, they can last 12 hours, especially if teamed with a wool cover!
  • You can add a micro fleece layer to go against bubs skin if needed, but they are perfectly fine with all natural fibres against the skin.
  • Team a hemp fitted with a PUL or Wool cover for a leak proof nappy combination!
  • Yes the Bamboo & Hemp Fitted nappies look similar – the Hemp has yellow snaps & the Bamboo has cream snaps! But you can of course mix & match if you like!

If you haven’t tried Hemp, give it a go especially over winter! So many reasons to get your groove on & try Hemp!


Check out our Bulk Pack Prices here & save! 


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Natures Child Balms .. The magical solution!

April 13, 2016

Did you know NOT to use zinc or petroleum based nappy rash creams if using cloth nappies? Why you ask? Because the chemicals they use leave an invisible   coating on your nappies, meaning the wee can’t pass through into the boosters making things rather uncomfortable for your baby & leaving you with a leaking situation!

So what are the solutions instead of zinc based creams? Totally natural of course! Our favourite cream to prevent & cure nappy rash is hands down Natures Child Bottom Balm. We love this 100% Organic Balm because it uses a divine beeswax base, plus is full of organic certified goodies like almond oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, olive oil, sunflower oil & chamomile. It reduces redness quickly, calms sensitive areas & nourishes the skin. Suitable for newborns & beyond, this is our go to solution for calming nappy rash! There is a reason it has won Gold medals!

Sometimes its inevitable to have to use a zinc based cream or fungal cream for severe rashes, so if need be, make sure you use a flushable liner doubled up OR micro fleece liner (cheap material from craft shops cut to size) to prevent the creams touching your nappies & healing bub at the same time.


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All-In-Two Nappies … Why they rock!

April 12, 2016

OK so you have the OSFM nappies sorted & the super easy All-In-One is your favourite, but that on earth is this Petite All-In-Two about? …. No its not a nappy for Petite babies, its simply the way we describe the fit .. petite, super trim, snuggly! These nappies are my favourite for under clothes & winter time so here is a quick snap shot of how they work!

Waist Snaps (top row) are designed to get the perfect fit around the waist, so whether you have a skinny minny or chubba bubba, you can adjust the size of the waist perfectly as they grow.

Leg Snaps (bottom row) are designed to get the perfect leg fit. The leg & waist snaps can be set on different levels so you can customise the fit for your baby. You will also find that as they grow, the way you snap the waist & legs also changes to give you the perfect fit every time!

All-in-Two – means there is two pieces to this nappy system. The outer colourful minkee PUL fabric (waterproof) plus the insert for absorbency. The insert snaps into place inside the nappy & you simply fold the tails of the insert into position in the wet zone and your good to go!

Why these rock! …

  • Buy some extra inserts & you have a quick dry option for over winter – the shells dry super quick!
  • Get the perfect fit every time as baby grows
  • Simply replace a wet insert with a new insert & you can get two changes out of each shell!
  • They are one of the trimmest nappies available on the market, so perfect for under clothes/tights during winter!
  • Customise your absorbency – fold inserts to the front for boys, or to the middle for girls.
  • Stay dry layer of micro-fleece to keep baby feeling dry!
  • Gives up to 12 layers of absorbency depending how you fold the insert.

The small size is perfect for a newborn to 5kg baby. The medium will last you a LONG time as they are very generous & the large is fantastic for taller toddlers. These are a hidden gem of a nappy & you will love them in your stash especially over the cooler months!

And they are currently 30% OFF in our birthday sale! Go on … try them, you’ll love them!



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New nappies arrived … Now what? How to prep your nappies before use.

March 2, 2016

Not all fabrics & materials used in cloth nappies are created equal. Synthetic materials like microfibre & PUL simply require one wash to remove any residue from manufacturing, however natural fibres like bamboo, cotton & hemp need prepping prior to using to remove natural oils, fluff up the fibres of the material which increases absorbency. If you are super excited & want to start using your bamboo nappies after 1 wash, they chances are you will get leaks because the bamboo isnt ready to absorb, so prepping your nappies is really important before you jump into using them.


SO WHAT NAPPIES/INSERTS NEED PREPPING  .. Anything that contains bamboo, hemp or organic cotton. So in our BBH range that includes the following: Night Nappy, Bamboo & Hemp Fitted, NEW All-In-One, All-In-Two (insert only), Multifit (inserts only), XXL (inserts only), Training Pants & any bamboo inserts like the Magic-All Inserts or Bamboo Fold Up.

The outer waterproof shells of the All-In-Two, Multifit, PUL Covers, XXL simply need one wash to remove any residue, then they are good to use. So it’s just the absorbent parts that need prepping which is very easy.



Method 1.  Place all your nappies/inserts into plain cold water & soak overnight. This soaking quickens the process slightly and is the only time we recommend soaking your nappies. Then place your nappies/inserts into the machine & run through a ‘normal’ ie hour long cycle using your MCN friendly detergent in the first cycle. Repeat wash cycle 2-3 times. Dry nappies & then get them on that lovely babies bum!


Method 2. (The most effective method) … Place your new nappies/inserts straight into the washing machine & run a normal wash cycle (ie hour long). Use MCN friendly detergent in the first cycle. Repeat wash cycle (no detergent) another 4-5 times. No need to dry between wash cycles. Dry nappies & get those nappies on those bottoms!



** You can also add in baby clothes, tea towels, clothes etc into the prepping cycles, and totally fine to use detergents in each cycle if you are doing this. Just make sure its MCN friendly detergent!

** Just remember your bamboo/hemp inserts will reach their peak absorbency after 8-10 washes in  total, so if you get any leaks the first few times, don’t despair simply wait another few wears/washes and that should fix the problem! If not call BBH HQ for some advice on leaking.

** Do not wash in water over 60 degrees (EVER!). Cold water is perfect for prepping nappies.


Ready for action!

Ready for action!




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Poo removal .. What are your options with cloth nappies?

January 21, 2016

OK .. “How do you get the poo off without it going everywhere” is one of the most common questions we get asked from parents curious about cloth nappies. Well its actually really simple, not much grosser than handling disposable nappies! … The one thing about being a parent is you get used to poos in all shapes, sizes & smells and there is no way of avoiding it! Baby = mess, vomit, food in your hair, poo in places you never thought poo could get to!


Clearly in disposables the majority of people simply wrap the disposable poo & all, place in a plastic bag & put it in the bin. Have you ever looked on the packaging on a box of disposables? Most have instructions for waste removal which reads something along the lines of ‘if nappy is soiled, flush solids into the toilet. Do not dispose of nappy down the toilet’. So even parents using disposables should be removing solids!


There are a few of things to make the poo removal process easier!


  1. Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer is my go to option for home. Its a high powered water hose, that attaches simply to your toilet at the wall. It will remove even the stickiest if poos with ease, giving you poo free nappies to put into your dry pail or washing machine.
  2. Baby BeeHinds Nappy Liners Are a paper thin sheet made from super soft viscose (cotton & wood pulp by-product, that contains no bamboo) .. The fact our liners don’t contain bamboo which takes high temperatures to break down, means they are indeed safe to flush. We recommend flushing the soiled/pooey liners, & disposing of the wet/wee liners in the bin. These also make heading out & about super easy for those nasty poos while your at the shopping centre!
  3. Reusable Liners – make your own! You can use micro fleece cut to size (just make sure its not microfibre!)
  4. Have a dedicated ‘poo scraper’ something like a spatula .. And I’d recommend having a coloured one you know is for the nappy area!


So at the end of the day, poo is poo and we all have to deal with it! These tricks of the trade make life easy for cloth nappy changes!

Happy change time!

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