Thinking about Cloth Nappies .. 

Welcome to the world of modern cloth nappies! If you haven't seen how far cloth nappies have come, then you are in for a surprise! Modern Cloth Nappies are as easy to use as disposables & come in a range of closure systems & fabrics to suit your baby. 

What to love about Baby BeeHinds:

  • Velcro or snaps for the waist & strong but gentle leg elastics will keep all those messes contained!
  • Colours & Prints for every taste & outfit!
  • Waterproof layer is hidden so it keeps clothes & bedding dry!
  • Bamboo, Hemp & Certified Organic Cotton are the best natural fibers to use against the skin to keep bub dry & rash free
  • Washing is super simple!
  • Whether you use cloth nappies occasionally or full time, every nappy cloth nappy is one less in landfill, so even a small step is changing the future for your beautiful baby!
  • Using cloth will save you thousands of money! For as little as $500 you can have a full nappy collection to use for years! Think about the cost of disposables over the nappy changing years of your little one!

Where to Start?

The easiest of cloth nappies to try is the All-In-One Velcro style. It’s as easy as a disposable, simply lay baby down, & secure the Velcro waist & you’re away!
Trial Packs are a great place to start to figure out what style works for you & your baby. Our best selling Trial Pack is the New Mums to Cloth Pack. It gives you one of each style to try with a great discount & free shipping!
We also have bulk discounts available where you can save up to 30% off. We can also customise a bulk pack for you with a nice discount too.

How many do I need?

Remember, even one cloth nappy is a step in the right direction as its one less disposable in landfill! So if you choose to add a few MCNs into your nappy world that is amazing! If you want to commit to using MCNs then we recommend 12-15 nappies for part time use, & 24-30 nappies for full time use These numbers allow you enough nappies for each day, wash every 2nd or 3rd day, then have a few more as back ups.

How do I wash them?

Simple! Simply pop the used nappies into a dry bucket (no soaking), then every second day add your nappies into your machine, use an eco friendly detergent & a long wash cycle & you're done. Line dry or tumble dry on LOW if you like! There is lots of great info on our blog too about washing, but really just keep it simple!

Is there anything else I need to start?

No, just a baby & your cloth nappies! We have a beautiful range of accessories that do make change time a bit easier. All eco friendly, top quality products. Wetbags will help store smelly & dirty nappies when your out & about, nappy liners make removing solids super easy & don’t forget the beautiful cloth menstrual pads & breast pads for you!
Remember though, that because of the many different shapes bubs come in, one product that works for a friends bub, may not be the best nappy for yours in terms of fit or absorbency. In light of this, we highly recommend reading through the information on each nappy style. You really cant go wrong with the superior quality of Baby BeeHinds cloth nappies & accessories.
If reading through all this information is just too much and you would like to talk to an expert to help explain and figure out the best style for your needs, then give us a call at HQ on 02 4976 2729 or pop us an email to

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