Q. What is a newsletter, and why should I join?

A. Newsletters are how we connect with our customers on a wider level. Newsletters are sent to you via email, and the point of a newsletter is to inform you about all the latest and greatest at Baby BeeHinds! By signing up to our newsletter, you can be kept up to date with changes, new product releases, scheduled events, sales and promotions, and any other exciting bits of news we'd like to share! So, rather than miss out on an excellent bargain, sign up today so that you can always 'bee in the know'.

Q. But I hate SPAM!

A. Gosh....we hear you. So do we! You can feel secure, however, that Baby BeeHinds will not SPAM you with unneccessary information! Our newsletters are sent periodically (roughly once per month) and are sent for the purpose of informing you about the latest goss here at BBH. As per our privacy policy, Baby BeeHinds will not sell or give away your email address!

Q. How do I stop receiving newsletters from Baby BeeHinds?

A. If at any time you feel you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can do so by clicking on 'un-subscribe' at the bottom of each newsletter. You'll be guided through the process of removing yourself from our mailing list. You can also un-subscribe by signing in to your acount here at Baby BeeHinds and choosing the relevant account option.

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