Coffee & Cloth Chat with Susanna from Tuutu Baby Box

We recently sat down with Susanna Heiskanen from Tuutu Baby Box to talk about their fantastic second  place in the 2017 Ausmumpreneur Awards Sustainability Awards to find whats its really like, what inspires her & where the Tuutu brand is going. We are so proud to have several of our Baby BeeHinds range in this game-changing baby boxes! 


Who was the most inspiring Ausmumpreneur speaker at the awards & why? 

I really resonated with Karen McDermott who is published author and runs her own publishing house Serenity Press . She is mother of 6 and she runs her own business, I think anyone can lift hat to that. I have two kids and I find it a challenge with best of times. All the speakers were energising and inspirational and I was blown away the comradeship amongst business women in this country.


You came 2nd place in the Sustainability Award, how do you feel Tuutu is making a real difference to sustainability? 

Been recognised on what we do was a great achievement. Taking home second place was mind-blowing as we have only been in business 12 month. For me sustainability is about making right choices when selecting products. We want to make sure they are as sustainable as possible and make the consumer aware of different products that might be off the mainstream offering.


What is a working week like for you as a kick –ass Ausmumpreneur? 

I am at home three days a week with my boys. However I work in the evenings, nap time and morning before they have woken up. Two days a week when my boys are in pre-school I get to do all my meetings, and really concentrate on running the business. Since the awards we have been really busy and all the hours of the days goes working on the business and following up on business leads. It is exhausting but rewarding and I would not have it any other way.


How do you balance the business V family V time for yourself? 

My guilty pleasure is to have a massage every now and then just to relax. I have promised myself to start running again once warmer weather is here. Living by the coast and having all these beautiful beaches near by is blessing. At weekends, I try not to work during the day but to have time to us as a family something I am sure other Ausmumpreneurs can relate to.


What goals do you see Tuutu achieving in the next 12 months? 

Increasing our brand visibility and signing our first corporate account. Expanding the products that we have available in our boxes is on going challenge and we have just launched our own Tuutu Baby Massage Oil, made from pure Clare Valley olive oil. The oil is now part of products we have in the box.


What are you most proud of achieving within the first 12 months of Tuutu? 

Getting our first sale! I can still remember the feeling like a marathon runner who had finished and won gold ! Also getting positive feedback from our customers and suppliers is always heart warming. We have donated some boxes to charities around Australia for vulnerable families and that must be my proudest moment knowing that we are making a real difference.


What feedback have you had from customers about the gorgeous products inside the box? 

We have been complimented the products and sustainable nature of them. Baby Beehinds cloth nappy has been mentioned in the feedback and there have been some parents who have converted to use cloth nappies so that is a positive achievement to us.


Well, we can’t wait to see Tuutu really taking off as they enter their second year in business. If you’re looking for something a little different for a gift, new parent or baby shower gift then head to for a gift that rally does keep on giving! 

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