Night Nappy: Fit Guide, Tips & FAQs

This Award Winning Night Nappy is a hard to beat, ultra absorbent nappy to use over nights. You can either change baby at each feed or when they sleep through it should last 10-14 hours. Nights is the hardest of all reusable nappies to get correct so be patient when you’re starting out, try a few different insert positions to get the perfect set-up for your baby, but follow this advice & tips below & you will be good to go!


The Inserts – How to Fold

For Boys, you want to ensure the majority of the absorbency is at the front & their willy is pointing down inside the nappy. It will look a little bulky at the front, but rest assured it is perfectly comfortable. Play around with how you fold the inserts but try to keep most of it near the front.

For Girls, you want to ensure the majority of the layers is in the middle. This can be fine for a boy as well so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different folds until you find what works for you.

Side Snapping Nappies are fantastic because as your baby grows you can get the perfect fit around legs & waist. The snaps can be in different positions on each side, and don’t need to match up around the waist. The most important thing is getting the right fit.

How to Fit the Fitted Nappy

  1. Snap In Insert Open Nappy & snap the insert/s into the back or front of the nappy

  2. Lay Inserts in Position Fold the long insert (if using) into position with layers towards the front for boys, or the middle for girls.

  3. Position Nappy
    Lay baby down on the open nappy.
    Newborn/Small – Bring the nappy up between the legs & fold the front of the nappy forward to expose the hidden yellow snaps.
    Medium/Large – Bring the nappy up between the legs (no need to fold the front)

  4. Secure Waist Snaps
    Newborn/Small – Bring the left nappy wing across the tummy & then bring the right wing across. Secure the white snaps into the yellow snaps to give a firm fit.

    Medium/Large – Bring the left wing across, then the right & connect the wing snaps into the white snaps on the front of the nappy. The wings may cross over or not depending on the size of the tummy.

  5. Check Run your finger around the leg elastics & ensure it is sitting in the ‘undie line’, not down the thigh

  6. Add Cover Add your Nappy Cover or Wool Cover (lanolised) and ensure all the nappy is covered to avoid leaks.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Leaking nappies is usually down to fit or absorbency. Firstly remember all bamboo inserts take up to 10 washes to reach maximum absorbency so it may be as simple as this, so just change bub a little more often or run the boosters through some extra clothes cycles to speed up the max. absorbency.

Once they are at max absorbency & still getting leaks overnight if your nappies are fully soaked, then add an extra booster (any brand of insert) on the outside of the nappy, under the cover.

Check your Fit – Ensure your Nappy Cover is fully covering the night nappy & there is nothing peeking out of the cover. Wicking will happen if clothes are toughing the inner nappy. Ensure your leg & waist snaps are firmly in position. You should be able to run a finger under each elastic so firm, but not tight.

Yes you do! The Night Nappy does not have a waterproof layer so you need to add a Nappy Cover or Wool Cover to keep clothes/bedding dry. Wool is the recommended because it is all natural, breathable & can be used for weeks without the need to re-wash. Check out our Wool Cover details for more info.

To see a video of the Night Nappy click here

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