Prepping Nappies Before You Get Them On-The-Bum!

New nappies have arrived and you’re excited to get them on the bum (OTB). You have two options before you start using these game changing products .. the easy way or a little more work. Totally up to you!

Remember any nappies which contain natural fibres (bamboo/hemp) reach their best absorbency after 8-10 washes. It basically fluffs up the fibres of the material allowing the material to absorb the most. Your absorbent pieces including bamboo inserts, fitted nappies, night nappies , inserts, boosters, hemp fitted (anything which absorbs) won’t be at its best performance until at least 10 washes. So you can either go the quick option, or the longer way up to you!

Wool Covers need a different approach. Please see our Wool Cover Page for information on how to get your wool covers ready for use.

It is fine to use them after just one normal wash – Just remember to the absorbency increases the more you wash them, so you may need to change bub a little more often initially or add in an extra booster. For Nappy Covers, Nappy Shells, Swim Nappies & Wetbags just wash once and start using.

Wash Everything Together Once!

Shells, Covers, Inserts, Absorbent Pieces – pop everything together in & run through a long cycle (max 60 degrees) with a small dose of detergent. Line Dry. Wear.

** Make sure you fold your laundry tabs over on anything with Velcro so it doesn’t catch everything. You can also pop these pieces into a delicates bag, or turn the nappy inside out as well.

** If you choose this method, keep in mind if you get leaks just change baby more frequently or add an extra booster until they have been through 10 wash cycles. Night Nappies do take up to 14+ washes to reach max absorption as there are so many layers.

Step 1.

Wash Nappy Covers, PUL Shells through one wash cycle with detergent & line dry. As these aren’t absorbent, they just need one wash.

Step 2 .

Grab all your absorbent pieces/inserts & soak in plain, cold water overnight then in the morning pop them all into your washing machine.

Run 3-5 cycles on your machine, one after the other with no detergent. No need to dry in between. Line Dry. Get on the bum.

If you choose method 2, they still won’t be at peak absorbency just yet so just add a booster or change more frequently until 10+ washes is achieved.

HOT TIP * You can add in clothes to any of these cycles too!

We recommend line drying your inserts, nappies & other items. Hang nappies with elastics horizontally or lie over a clothes horse to prevent elastics over stretching. You may use a tumble dryer on LOW temperature only. High temperatures will rise delaminating your waterproof fabrics which is not covered under warranty.

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