Swim Nappy: Fit Guide, Tips & FAQs

This Award Winning Swimming Nappy is one of the best Reusable Swim Nappies you will find. Shaped to fit in all the right places & keep any ‘code brown’ situations contained, this swim nappy will take you from the beach to the pool and the sprinkler for years to come.

How to Adjust Size

How to Fit on Baby

Step 1. Use the swim nappy as it comes. No extra inserts are needed just grab & go!

Step 2. Adjust the Rise Snaps to ensure the right size for your babies height. You want the length from tummy to bottom, to cover the back & front evenly & ensure the bum crack is covered sufficiently above with the back waist elastics sitting above it by at least 2cm.

Step 3. Lay baby down and bring the front up between the legs. Secure the velcro waist around & cross over if need be to ensure a firm fit around the waist.

Step 4. Ensure the front & back of the nappy are the same position & there is no ‘bum sag’. If there is a saggy area before swimming, adjust the rise setting to a smaller size to reduce the sag.

Step 5. Ensure the leg elastics are sitting in the ‘undie line’ not down the thigh & they are firm fitting.

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