What Extra’s You Need to Make Cloth Nappies Easy

Your new Reusable Nappies have arrived yay! Here is some extra supplies you will need to make the transition to cloth easier.

The Essentials

Vessel to store your soiled nappies until you’re ready to wash them. We do not recommend a bucket with a lid, and you do not need to soak your nappies so something with airflow actually keeps smells away. It doesn’t need to be fancy! If you are tight on space, then a Hanging Wetbag might be a good option too.

Soiled Nappy Storage

Kmart Storage Tub
Flip Top Bin
Hanging Wetbag

Soiled Nappy Storage

Yes you are going to need to deal with the poo. Trust me when I say you deal with poo with any baby! The beauty of Baby BeeHinds Modern Cloth Nappies is those nasty explosions up the back are thing of the past if you have the right fit so everything stays contained!

Once your nappy is soiled, you will either have a wet nappy or a chocolate surprise to deal with. Wet nappies just pop into the dry pail, but soiled nappies you need to remove most of the poo before dry pailing ideally. You can use a Nappy Liner which let’s wee through but catches the solids (or make your own DIY fleece liners) and just dispose of the liner with the solids. You can use a Little Squirt which is a high pressure hose attached to your toilet, so you hold the soiled nappy in the loo and blast the solids away & flush.

Good Detergent

Getting a good washing routine down is important so that all the bacteria is removed and your nappies are clean, hygienic & stain free. Check out our Washing Advice Pages for more detailed information but one of the most important aspects is a good detergent that contains enzymes to break down the proteins, fats & bacteria in your nappies. Here is a short list of both main stream brands & eco-plant based brands to start with.

Eco Friendly
Rockin Green
Amway SA8
Ecostore Extra Clean Powder
Kin Kin Liquid

Main Stream
BioZet 3D
Biozet Front + Top Loader with Softener
Cold Power Liquid & Powder
Duo Sensitive

Wetbags, Wetbags, Wetbags!

A wetbag will be a life saver for those messy babies! Made from the same water -resistance PUL fabric you will find in our nappies, these bags will take you from the pool to the change room, to the laundry to day care & beyond. They are designed to store your soiled nappies (or anything smelly!) until you get home so they are perfect for being out an about. We sell them in 4 sizes and they will seriously be one of the handiest tools in your change kit!

There are plenty of other accessories you can grab, but the essentials above are exactly that! Essential!

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