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Older Kids

Sometimes those toddlers outgrow their nappies or simply aren’t ready to go nappy free so our range for older kids has been designed with that in mind. Easy for parents to fit and with enough room for growth, they cater for different levels of absorbency as needed.

  • Hemp Ultra Booster $21.00

    Luxuriously soft our new Hemp Ultra Booster is designed to take your modern cloth nappies to the next level. A universal, generously sized hemp booster that can be folded a number of ways, it really is a game changer for heavy wetters. 

    • 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton terry fabric for superior absorbency, antibacterial & anti-fungal qualities
    • Generously sized 38 x 40cm – can be folded into a simple rectangle like a prefold 
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    JUNIOR Swim Nappy 16-28kg $25.20 save $10.80(save 30%)
    azuresage greenswell

    Junior Size | Reusable Swim Nappy 16kg + 

    Loved by parents all over the world our reusable swimming nappy deisgned for older kids will save you money on those expensive disposable pull ups & is a whole lot better for the planet too. Prevents embarrassing code-brown situations & keeps everything contained where it should be. Add matching wetbag for the ultimate pool side combo. Suitable for16kg + 

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  • Nippers Cloth Nappy $36.00$49.00

    Designed as a Reusable Nappy for Older Kids aged 4-8yo who need extra help at night time or those children with special needs. Suitable for both day & night, this Easy to fit velcro waist, generous pocket and waterproof outer this cloth nappy  is perfect for day or night time reusable nappy use. Can be used as a nappy cover over the top of disposable nappies at night for extra leak protection, used as a pocket nappy or pull up style nappy. With different levels of absorbency you can customise this pocket nappy as the needs of your child change.

    Light Wetters  – We recommend the Microfibre Insert or Bamboo Insert option.
    Medium/Heavy Wetters – We recommend the Hemp Ultra Booster.

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  • Junior Cloth Nappy $30.00$45.00

    When you’re little one outgrows their one-size-fits-most cloth nappy styles, then this nappy kicks into gear as part of our new Cheeks Range for Older Kids. With a deep pocket for maximum adjustability of absorbency, double gusset and premium fabrics you can use your existing inserts from your previous nappies or add our larger capacity inserts.

    Easy to fit velcro waist, generous pocket and waterproof outer this cloth nappy for older kids or specials needs is perfect for day or night time reusable nappy use. Suitable for 18kg + or those little super chunky monkeys.

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    LARGE Nappy Change Mat $38.50 save $16.50(save 30%)
    daisy chainginghamRoarswell

    Large Size Change Mat designed for older children or special needs families who need extra room for change mat.  With soft layers for delicate heads, waterproof layers to keep mess contained and a stunning range of prints available this is a practical solution for older children.

    Dimensions 120 cm x 70 cm 

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  • Microfibre Insert $8.00

    Microfibre Cloth Nappy Insert is designed for boosting any type of modern cloth nappy. Generous in size at 48cm x 13cm, and with three thick layers of microfibre terry it can be laid flat in our nappies for older kids such as our Nippers or Juniors Cloth Nappies OR can be folded to fit inside the pocket of All in Two or Multifit to add some quick absorption.

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