All-In-Two: User Guide

Adjusting the Size

The rows of snaps on the front of the nappy are how you adjust the size as baby grows. By adjusting which rows connect, reduces the length of the nappy making it smaller or larger. 

Try a few different settings to figure out which size gives your baby the best fit. You want the nappy to sit evenly at the front & back waist for the best fit. If you feel the nappy looks saggy in the bottom area, then try a smaller size setting. 

Positioning the Inserts

The main insert for the All-In-Two is the Mighty Booster. This long snake insert snaps into place & gives the most absorbency for your baby. The smaller insert is an optional extra to use at any point for a little more absorbency. 

Once your rise snaps (see above) are in the correct position, snap the Mighty Booster into position inside the nappy. Then you fold the long insert into position needed. Place more layers in the wet zone relevant to your baby so the absorption is where you need it the most.

Inserts can be used inside the pocket or on top of the pocket

If inserts are wet, you can replace a new insert into position & reuse the outer shell

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