Efficiency is Key to change time!

We all know that when it comes to nappy change time, an efficient routine is key.  By having everything ready, and at arm’s reach, you can get the nappy changed as fast as possible.  Here are a few tips to ensure that nappy change time runs as smoothly as possible every time.

Tip 1. Try to have one change area in the house, or if you live downstairs and bub’s room is upstairs, you might want to go for two.  Either way, ensure that your change area is well stocked at all times with everything you need such as clean nappies wipes, creams and a change of clothes.

Tip 2. Have your modern cloth nappies ready to go.  When you have bub wriggling around on the change table, you don’t want to be folding, snapping or stuffing!  When you bring your cloth nappies off the line, sit down with a cup of tea & assemble them up, ready to go including your nappy liners in place.  Have your snap setting adjusted and your boosters inserted.  If you use flushable liners, you might also want to lay them out onto the nappy too so there is no assembly required at change time.

Tip 3. Use cloth wipes!  You’ll be surprised how much more efficient this will make change time for you.  Cloth wipes are bigger and better than disposable as the loops in the terry or velour fabric is much better for cleaning up, so you’ll have a clean bottom with a lot less wiping!  Have a spray bottle of water on hand to wet them, or just run a few under the tap on the way to the change table.  After bub is changed, there is no need for an extra trip to the bin cause the wipes just go into the bucket with the nappies.

Tip 4. Keep your nappy bucket near the toilet.  You’re going to be heading to the bathroom after a nappy change regardless, to flush the poo, spray your nappy or just wash your hands, so why not drop the nappy into the bucket while you are there.

Tip 5. Have a distraction handy, once bub knows that s/he could be doing something else, the change table wont be somewhere s/he’ll want to be for long!  Have a special change table toy handy as a distraction to buy some extra time.  You can also try singing the alphabet or a nursery rhyme while you change!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you to streamline your nappy change time!

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