Best Washing Detergents for Modern Cloth Nappies

Washing cloth nappies is really quite simple. It's about a good, strong detergent at the right temperature, for the right amount of time, but what makes a good detergent for washing your nappies?

Advice on washing cloth nappies has come along way, thanks largely to scientific based group Clean Cloth Nappies who this advice is largely taken from along with our own experience of 18 years in the washing nappies.  It has actually totally changed the way I wash everything over the last few years and seriously gives me confidence to send my messy daughter out into the world wearing white clothes, knowing I have the tools to get things white again!  

“The washing advice from Baby BeeHinds has been spot on. 7 years ago when I first started using cloth. nappies we had issues with stains and smells, but now after their advice my nappies are sparkling and smell free. "
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Why good detergent is so important.


Think about what exactly you are washing is for a second and how much bacteria there would be in your nappies. A gentle wash cycle or gentle detergent doesn’t cut it for removing bacteria. You need to bring out the big guns for washing cloth nappies so that means typically enzyme based detergents are the way to go. There are some good natural detergents and main stream detergents that fit the criteria and make the recommended list so keeping reading to find out what brands do and don’t make the list. 

What to look for when picking a detergent

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Firstly take a look at what you currently use as it might be perfectly fine to use. The key ingredients you want to see are listed here 

SURFACTANTS – this is the ingredient that lifts soiling from fabrics and crucial for washing cloth nappies. 

ENZYMES – enzymes help remove stains, prevents piling and maintains effective procedures throughout the wash cycle.  Different enzymes target different purposes in your washing cycle so ideally a blend of enzymes is what you’re looking for the perfect detergent. 

So what do we recommend? If you're like us, part of your reason for choosing cloth nappies was environmental so our preference is for naturally derived or plant based formulas but not all good enough for nappies.

Best Plant Based Detergents for Clean Cloth Nappies

Plant based, home made or sensitive detergents often don’t have enough surfactants (sometimes none) to lift and remove the bacteria. So what makes our cut for plant based detergents that give you a good deep clean? For all plant based detergents your optimum temperature is 40-60 degrees, some may need to double dose as we have mentioned below.  

Top Rated
BABY Plant Based detergent by b clean co
Formulated specifically for cloth nappies and general washing after years of experience in the industry, this is the ultimate plant based detergent for washing reusable nappies. Loaded with 4 enzymes, plant based surfactants and deep cleaning for clean cloth nappies. Can also be used as a soaker and for general laundry, Sold in our washing section, shop here 

Most Economical 
Ecostore Powder 
Available in supermarkets this is easily accessible. We recommend tweaking with 1.5 x 2 doses depending on the size of your machine. 

Best Liquid 
Kin Kin Laundry Liquid. If you prefer liquid, then this is a great plant based option. A bit harder to find but a really good option. 

Plant based with added Softener.
SOFT by b clean co
A plant based washing detergent with inbuilt softener so it cleans and softens natural fabrics that often get crunchy when line drying. Approved by Clean Cloth Nappies, unlike normal fabric softeners, this one is formulated so it won’t stop your fabrics absorbing. Brings back the softness in your inserts, fitted nappies with regular use. Sold in our washing section, shop here  

fabric softener detergent
SOFT by b clean co
b clean co triple pack detergent
Baby by b clean co

Recommended Mainstream Detergents for Cloth Nappies

Available in most supermarkets these are the main stream detergents we recommend that give you a good clean every time but do contain synthetic ingredients. 

Top Rated
Trusty, reliable (including most varieties). 

Most Economical 
Biozet Powder OR Radiant Powder

Low Fragrance 
Radiant Sensitive or Trimat Sensitive powder or liquid 

Washing Cloth Nappies Tips

  • 40-60 degrees temperature is recommended for all detergent types
  • Pre-wash is essential before your main wash to remove surface solids and urine (essentially making your main wash water much cleaner)
  • Prewash should be min 30 minutes, 1/2 dose detergent. Dry pail after prewash until you’re ready to do main long wash 
  • Make sure your drum is 3/4 full when wet for proper agitation
  • Prewash daily to avoid stains, and main wash every 2-3 days maximum
  •  See our Advice Hub for more details info on washing 
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