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Every baby deserves the best!

Like every new parent or parent-to-be, we only want the best for our brand new bundles of joy. The best for their skin, the best for their health, the best to enable good sleep, the best for comfort, the best for travel. Being a new parent is a mine field of questions, opinions, new normals, smells & sounds you didn’t know existed.

There are some amazing products in the market for every need, but quite often one of the most essential baby items barely gets a second thought. Off to the shops you go to stock up on the main brand nappies because let’s face it, their branding is everywhere from the moment you see those two blue lines appear!

But there are alternative options when it comes to nappies & most new parents don’t even realise they have so many options when it comes to nappies. There are some fabulous eco brands of nappies which take substantially less time to break down unlike traditional disposable nappies.  Made free from chlorine, bleach, latex and other nasties… BUT have you thought about having materials like Certified Organic Cotton or buttery soft Bamboo against your babys’ most sensitive parts? No, bet you didn’t even know such a nappy existed! Then perhaps nappies with a real modern twist may be the answer!

There is a range of reasons we have just won 6 of the major awards in the 2016 Australian Nappy Associations Awards. Modern Cloth Nappies by Baby BeeHinds use only the highest quality certified organic cotton & bamboo materials. Sourced from the finest farms & manufactured to the highest, European standards modern cloth nappies really have changed & are a whole lot easier than you probably think!

We only use the best materials for our nappies. Certified Organic Cotton & bamboo velour for absorbency. Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, yarns, dyes & finishes. GOTS Certified. Nothing but the best for your baby & ours. If you value sustainability, protecting our world from less landfill & having less chemicals against your babies skin, then you should try modern cloth nappies!

There is a range of styles of modern cloth nappies to suit every shape, and suit every budget. Start with the easiest of them all the All-In-One Velcro which is as easy to use as a disposable, but a whole lot eco-friendlier! Or work your way up to our One-Size-Fits-Most styles that adjust to fit from newborn to toilet training. We have been leading the field in modern nappies since 2004, so we know how to find the best solution for your & your baby!

With inbuilt waterproof layering, super thirsty bamboo/organic cotton for absorbency & elastics that actually stop poo-splosions escaping everywhere, why not try modern cloth nappies. Washing is simple, there is no soaking, no bleaching required.

Just one modern cloth nappy in your nappy change routine can make a difference to our planet, your back pocket & there is nothing cuter than a little cloth covered bottom!

There are also other great reusable options to try – Swim Nappies, washable nursing pads, wet bags or our gorgeous all natural wet wipes!

So why not give it a go, it really is easier than you think. Remember even 1 cloth nappy is making a difference, so whether you choose to use 1 cloth nappy or 20, every nappy change in a modern cloth nappy is making a difference!


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Merry Christmas!

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