All-In-Two Nappy Bundle

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All in Two Cloth Nappy Bundles

Part Time – Choose 6-12 Nappies

Integrate these super easy velcro nappies into your rotation, perfect for dads, carers or day care

Full Time – Choose 24 + Nappies

Once you know this is your fav reusable nappy, then jump into full time use with a 24 pack. The more you have in your stash, the easier the washing and the bigger the discount.

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Magicall All-In-Two Cloth Nappy Bundles

Ready to jump into part time or full time use of this awesome nappy, then choose a 6, 12 or 24 pack with up to 20% discount.


Why you’ll love it:


SUPER EASY: Once you know, you know. This ultra easy modern cloth nappy pack gives you the easiest cloth nappy going round. With sticky velcro waist for the perfect fit its the perfect nappy choice for dads, carers, grandparents or day care.

 – Got an olympic wetter on your hands? You’re in safe (dry) hands with these bamboo/organic cotton layers you can fold where you need the most absorbency.


Check this great video which shows you all the features & read the reviews coming in on our newest nappy style, which sold out in record time.


Product Specifications
Waist Closure: Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
Absorbency: Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece  
: EACH NAPPY Includes 1 x Mighty Booster (3 layers bamboo fleece + stay dry layer) + 1 x Magicalls Insert. 
Outer Fabric:
Inner Fabric: Suedecloth inner
Pocket: Yes
Laundry tabs: Yes
Want Extra Inserts? Mighty Booster or Night Nappy Booster



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25 reviews for All-In-Two Nappy Bundle

  1. Dayna White

    Love these nappies. Versatile because they’re one size fits all, my 19 month old still has plenty of room to grow. Never had any issues with leakage and they Velcro makes them quick and easy to put on, especially if you’re baby is a wriggler! Highly recommend!

  2. Lisa Zaadstra

    Absolutely love our all in two nappies. Love that they can be adjusted to fit any size and we have never had any issues with leaking! They look so cute on the little bottoms, just need to size up in pant sizes to fit over them. Easy to wash too. Very happy!

  3. Chanelle

    Such a versatile nappy & super simple to fit! I wasn’t sure about Velcro initially but it so comes in handy, for quick changes and sometimes bubs is between snaps on our others but these always fit. They come with 2 insert options giving you multiple ways to boost if, where and when you need it. We also use ours with the bamboo fold ups. Such an awesome range of plain colours and some great prints. Daycare & newbie friendly!

  4. Bonnie Bradshaw

    I’m new to reusable nappies, and after trialing a number of different brands, these are by far my favourites! We have not had a single leak, and because they are adjustable have always been the perfect fit for my babe. The inserts are highly absorbent yet dry much faster than my other brands so make the wash routine a quicker process too. I’ll be topping up my stash with these from now on and very glad I found them!

  5. Alicia McQueen

    Love love love these!! They are the first nappies that my grandmother and husband will grab when they are changing the kids. The Velcro makes it an easy throw on nappy.

  6. Rachelle Khamas

    My absolute favourite nappy I’ve tried so far! So absorbant that I use it for night times with no need to boost! Absolutely love the prints and love the Velcro. I have around 20 in my stash! I love that you can also stuff the pocket or lay the inserts ontop!

  7. Maree Thompson

    I’ve had a lot of trouble with leaky MCN, but not from these! They fit my son really well and no leaks so far (I don’t generally need a booster either) The quality of these nappies is excellent and the fleece lining doesn’t stain. The velcro is so easy. I wont be buying another brand.

  8. Lauren

    A great fit on my chunky bub!

  9. hashtagwaiej

    IN LOVE WITH THESE NAPPIES-by far my go to nappies for day care. they are nice and trim, velcros are easy to use and strong. velcro does not fray. dummy proof for new MCN users/educators at daycare. love them so much am a little sad that i dont get to put them on, the educators do!

  10. ellabellamay430

    These are the best nappies you will find anywhere!! I love my all in two’s! I was able to use these even from newborn stage. They are so easy to put on bub, really easy to get the right fit, even my husband can do it! Really absorbant, super cute, almost never have leaks and never run out on nappies. Totally recommend!

  11. Cara Clews

    This is hands down our favourite nappy! Its a total game changer for getting my partner with big dad hands on board with cloth. The velcro waist is super easy to get the perfect fit and quicker than snap waist for my wriggle baby. We ended up using the fold up from the Multfit when they were under 4 months old, but the thirsty Mighty Booster was a great option after that age. Also makes a really good nappy for night time too until they start sleeping through and then we need to go to the night nappy for added absorbency. Highly recommend this nappy for a super easy option.

  12. EllaJ

    In our experience these nappies are obviously made from excellent quality materials but for our little baby we found them to be a little too bulky.
    The velcro straps made adjusting easy.
    Our main issue was that when using the rise snaps, the way the fabric bunches around the undie line/legs is too thick and really awkward, even when using only the top snap row (the loosest option apart from not using the rise snaps at all).
    I’m sure they are a fantastic nappy for plently of babies, but sadly they didn’t quite fit perfectly for us. We also found the might booster to be a bit too thick and long for our liking. We had much more success with the All In Ones and use them instead.
    I still would recommend these to try out, as if they fit well for your baby they would be amazing nappies to have for your stash!

  13. Bess

    Great nappy for gong out. Super easy to fit and great absorcbency

  14. Amy

    This is the best reusable nappy that I’ve tried. It fits my son well and is super easy to use. I would recommend washing them in wash bags or separately to other clothes as they do have Velcro bits.

  15. Andie

    Beautiful nappy! High quality materials and ease of use is up there with those velcro tabs. They are a smaller OSFM. My 15 month old is on the largest setting, with the rise snaps, so I’m only hoping it fits her for a while to come yet! Would definitely purchase again though. Lovely!

  16. Danielle Dudley

    These were amazing for grandma to use they were thirsty enough for our at the time moderate wetter however we had a chunky hub so she out grew these at 9 months ish but we adored the prints and fit until she outgrew them

  17. Caitlyn Callaghan

    Really easy to use for beginners and super fun prints! My son is really tall and while they fit quite well, I find the pockets a better fit for his build.

  18. Caitlin Forbes

    Great absorbency. Not my favourite nappy due to having a hard time getting a good fit on my short, chunky boys. The insert can be bulky at the front

  19. Sami

    This was the nappy that turned my husband over. He finally said he LIKED using these nappies, because of the fit and convenience. For a couple of months in AIOs, he was ambivalent, but now I have convinced him this nappy is the way to go! I like the insert and pocket, but sometimes use different inserts so it’s not as bulky.

  20. Ruth Faragher

    These nappies are great. We have used them from 4 months to currently 2 years and there is room to grow. These nappies are well made quality products. My daughter loves the Velcro because now that she’s older she can manage the Velcro more easily than the snaps. The long folding inserts are very absorbent and the micro fleece/textured surface helps with cleaning.

  21. Michaela Anderson

    We love the magical ai2 Velcro nappy. I bought 5 when they were on sale and have been using them on my 10 week old son since he was 2wo.
    The elastics are nice and soft against bubs skin and the Velcro is fantastic and seems a lot stronger than other Velcro nappies I have. The insert is really absorbent which is great as I normally need to add a booster to our other nappies. Weve recently just moved up to the 2nd rise snaps and the fit is great. I’ll definitely be purchasing more when the next sale comes along. Highly recommend grabbing a few for your stash.

  22. Emily Rose Ellis

    I like the Velcro waist, you get a nice snug fit. No gape and no suede cloth lining pops out the top. I like the inserts, I would be happy with a medium magicall booster instead of large… It’s just a little long. Although I like that maximum absorbency is offered.
    As usual baby beehinds has THE nicest and softest PUL fabric of any mcn brand I have tried. Sandwiched too, so nice and thick/durable.

  23. Tayla W.

    I absolutely love the All in 2 nappies! I am using them with the booster inside the pocket and am loving that the nappies will fit bub until toilet training!

  24. Kellie Parker

    Can’t fault these nappies. Loving the adjustable rise combined with the velcro tabs for ease of use and longevity. Really happy with the fit and their performance.

  25. cara clews

    Using these on my 4 months old boy, and they are a little bulky at the moment compared to some other brands but he is a skinny mini. I know we will get our moneys worth as he grows and fills them out. We get a really great fit with the velcro waist and the absorbency is next level with these. Love them! Just need more colours.

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