Cheats Guide to MCNs during Winter

OK so the temperature is dropping & you’re wondering how are you going to deal with MCNs during those cold winter months? … Here are some great tips we have put together with the help of our BBH Consultants to get you through the winter chills stress free and dry!

Tip 1. Buy Extra Inserts .. The more inserts you have to rotate between being worn, being washed & drying .. the less stress you will have!

Tip 2. A clothes horse will be your best friend … Chase the sun outside during the day, place near a fire place or heater during the evening (but not too close!)

Tip 3. Choose styles that give you a quick drying outer shell & the ability to use different inserts like the Petite All-In-Two or Magic All Multifit. Buy extra inserts so you you have plenty of options while one batch is being washed/dried – you have plenty spare to use & rotate.

Tip 4. Dry your nappies inside close to a window to get those UV rays when they pop out.

Tip 5. Don’t be afraid to tumble dry your inserts but make sure its on LOW temperature setting.

Tip 6. Wool Dryer balls are my new found love! They make drying (anything) in the dryer much quicker & more efficient!

Tip 7. Use one of these hanging dryer racks & hang them underneath your ducted heating vent and they will dry in no time!

Tip 8. Turn your Magicalls All-In-One’s inside out by reversing the pocket so the micro fibre inserts are outwards & can catch the suns rays or warmth from the heat source quicker.

Tip 9. Double Spin your nappies at the end of the wash cycle.

Tip 10. Increase your stash of nappies … Great excuse!

Tip 11. Lie your inserts across your clothes horse or drying rack and place under an overhead fan overnight. They should be almost dry by morning, and you can finish them off in the dryer on LOW.

Tip 12. If you have ducted heating with floor vents, place your drying rack over a vent and place a fitted sheet over the top – this will trap the warm air in but still keep it circulating to dry your inserts! Genius!

Tip 13. Rinse your nappies as soon as they come off bubs bum, and before they go in the dry bucket. This will keep stains & smells at bay and make washing easier.

Tip 14. Don’t peg your inserts over the line/clothes rack – this makes the insert double up and make it harder to dry. Lie flat across the wires, or hang vertically pegged at the top. (Inserts here – not shells)

Tip 15. Watch the weather reports .. Seriously there is nothing worse than getting caught off guard with an almost dry set of nappies outside, and the rain sets in for the day!



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