Cheats Guide to using Cloth Nappies – Top 10 Tips

After 6 years, 2 babies & 2 nephews in cloth nappies & countless nappy demonstrations I think I know a little about cloth nappies. Here are a few of my tricks to make life a little easier & save a little time while using cloth nappies.

Tip 1. Combined Washing Loads – Don’t have enough nappies to run a nappy only load every 2 days? Then take what ever soiled nappies you have every second day & run them through a pre-wash cycle (make sure your machine drains the water), then add in your baby clothes or sheets to the main wash cycle along with your nappies. Don’t add towels as this can cause piling on the nappies.

Tip 2. Use a flip-top bin instead of a bucket with a lid. The little bit of air circulation through these flip-top bins prevent mould & reduces the stink bomb smacking you in the face every time you remove the lid on a sealed bucket.

Tip 3. Place the inserts for a pocket nappy on the outside of the pocket (so it goes against the skin) – Saves time stuffing pockets & makes for quick removal when soiled. This only works for natural fibres like bamboo, organic cotton or hemp. Do NOT use micro-fibre inserts against the skin directly. If your baby reacts to the wetness against the skin, then go back to stuffing the inserts inside the pocket.

Tip 4. Any type of insert can be used inside a pocket to boost absorbency. Old terry squares cut to size, cotton face washers, Ikea tea towels can all be great boosters if you need something quickly.

Tip 5. Washing every second day, really does extend the life of your nappies.

Tip 6. For a super fast summer time combo for bubs under 12 months grab a bamboo fold up insert, fold in 3 and place inside a PUL cover. Super quick, dries fast & absorbent as you need!

Tip 7. You can never have enough wet bags when using cloth nappies. Once you have the hang of putting your nappies on at home, heading out is easy. Just make sure you have wet bags! Even after your babies are out of nappies, they make the best swimming bags, library bags etc.

Tip 8. Nappy Liners or a high pressure hose attached to the toilet like Little Squirt makes solids so much easier to dispose of!

Tip 9. Have your nappies folded, stuffed or snapped into their rise positions next to your change table ready to go – nothing worse than have a monstrous poonami to deal with on the change table, and no nappies ready to go. You will find poo in places you didn’t even know existed if you get stuck in that situation! So sit down with a cup of tea (or wine) or even better, get hubby to fold/stuff/snap whilst watching the tv. You would be amazed how calming the snapping/stuffing of nappies can be.

Tip 10. If you use Fitted nappies have the ready to go like this. Open PUL Cover, lay fitted inside with inserts snapped in & folded into place. Fold (but don’t snap the wings over) and do up the PUL cover. Then when its time to use the nappy simply open up the PUL Cover & open the fitted, lay bub down. Do up the fitted wings, then do up the PUL Cover. Done … Will save you having to put the Fitted on first, then lift baby up, then put the PUL cover on. Every second counts on the change table!

So there you go, my top tips for a cheats guide to cloth nappies. Have you got another tip to add then we would love to hear from you!







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