Cloth Wipes .. Tips, Tricks & DIY Solution

Cloth Wipes really are a simple addition to your cloth nappy world. It makes sense really. Reusable nappies, reusable wipes. No chemicals. Save $. They are fabulous for everything from little bums, to messy faces & hands, to removing mummies makeup in the shower. Simply pick a colour for bums, a colour for hands/faces, a colour for bath time and your away~ They also make amazing gifts for new mums, baby showers etc .. they are a MUST have item for any mum with so many uses!

Caring for your cloth wipes is super simple. Add them to your nappy bucket and wash with your nappies or baby clothes. No special attention required. Here are some great little tips for using cloth wipes at home & out & about, and some recipes for some DIY wipes solutions. They also make a great little emergency insert for your nappies too!


  • Use the organic cotton terry side (with the little loops of fabric) for the first wipe of babies bum to remove the poo. This side is a grippy, textured side so great for wiping even the stickiest of poos!
  • Use the velour side (the super smooth, velvety side) for the final ‘buff and polish’ part of bum wiping – so soft & gentle
  • Store your wipes in a leftover disposable wipes container for easy access.
  • You can pre-wet your wipes each day OR wet as you need for each change .. what ever works for you!
  • Store your cloth wipes in our Mini Wetbag when out & about. They fit our BBH wipes perfectly!
  • If you choose to wet your wipes as you need them – keep a water bottle (with a sport top) or spray bottle at your change station and refresh with new water or wipes solution each day.
  • You can fold your cloth wipes so they ‘pop up’ like disposable wipes – Here is a great tutorial on how to do it!



Plain water is as simple as it needs to be! Warm water even better in the cold months! A lot of mums like to make their own DIY solution using essential oils, so here are a few popular DIY wipes solutions. I tend to make a smaller batch every few days to keep it fresh. The basic ingredients of a wipes solution is a soap (cleansing), an oil (mosituriser like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil), an essential oil (antibacterial/anti-fungal/aroma) & water (distilled or boiled water is recommended to ensure bacteria growing in the water).


1tsp natural/organic SLS FREE baby bath wash
1tsp almond oil
250ml cooled boiled water
Mix in a spray bottle and shake before each use.


1 chamomile tea bag (or peppermint tea works too!)
2 tsp almond oil
2 cup boiling water
Brew tea in boiling water, add oil, shake to combine, let cool and pour over wipes


1/8 cup Olive Oil
1.5 cup distilled or cooled boiled water
1 tsp baby shampoo
2 drops tea tree oil 4 drops lavender oil


Adding cloth wipes to your MCN collection is really easy & really does make sense. Try our Baby BeeHinds Cloth Wipes  and you wont look back! The perfect size, the perfect combination of organic cotton terry one side, and super soft velour the other. Choose from 5 fabulous colours or a mixed pack. We recommend 30-40 cloth wipes for full time use with cloth nappies.








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