What is the easiest Reusable Nappy style?

Starting out with reusable nappies but have a reluctant partner or someone with hands that just hate snaps? Need something easy for the grandparents or daycare?

There are so many styles, features, brands to choose from when it comes to reusable nappies. There are plenty of bells and whistles, but honestly sometimes you just need something super simple. 
Something that anyone can use – even in that sleep deprived state. 

“I wish I had discovered these nappies earlier in my cloth journey. They are so easy to use, have a great fit, the elastics don’t cut into my chunky baby like most other brands and they have great absorbency. I bought some with my husband in mind as he is not confident using cloth, but now I have to buy some more as these are the first nappy I reach for too.” Naomi (verified review)
Naomi W.
Verified Customer

Why velcro styles are the answer to all your problems.

As easy as a disposable. Think about it .. disposable nappies have a form of velcro around the waist to secure the front of the nappy, so we simply upped the game but making a premium quality washable version that is a whole lot friendlier for the planet, but  just as easy as a disposable. 

If you have a partner who is reluctant to use cloth nappies – then seriously a velcro nappy is the way to go. No fiddly buttons to snap, and the perfect fit every time. We have plenty of mums have love and master the snaps, but getting a dad or grandparent on board to actually do the cloth nappy changes is made a lot easier with velcro waist because it literally is as easy as what they are used to. 

Not all velcro is created equal though.

In the cloth nappies sector, you will see many brands using the word “velcro”, but in fact Velcro is a brand. With a trademark. Most ‘velcro’ options are in fact generic hook & loop fasteners which don’t even compare to the actual Velcro brand product. 

We have only ever used Velcro branded products in all of our range. They have excellent stick-to-it-ive-ness that lasts for years, are easy to clean, don’t curl and can literally be used for over 10,000 uses before needing to be replaced. We use Velcro branded hook/loop in our All in One Reusable Nappy, All in Two Reusable Nappy, Swim Nappy & Nappy Covers. 

Which Velcro Nappy should you choose? All in One or All in Two?

twins wearing aqua all in one reusable nappies
All in One
All in Two

The simplest, hands down easiest option is our Magicall All in One cloth nappy. Imagine a washable version of s disposable nappy and job done. Waterproof outside, buttery soft bamboo/organic cotton absorbent layers and velcro waist this is the winning nappy to get those reluctant to try cloth because it’s so. damn. easy. You literally can’t put it on wrong! 

Benefits of All In One Nappy   

– Sized like a disposable (newborn, small, medium, large, Xl) 
– Perfect waist fit at all stages of growth 
– No rise adjustment needed 
– Wide back waist elastics and firm leg elastics keep everything contained
– Pocket for adding extra boosters 
– Easy, easy, easy for dads, grandparents, childcare 


Cons of All in One Nappy 

Need to buy larger sizes as baby grows (but remember you can use for future babies or resell second hand) 
– Not suitable for overnight 
– Can take a little longer to dry inserts as they are attached to the nappy

Now the next step from there is the All in Two - which is just as simple as the All in One nappy, but with rise snaps so you adjust the sizing as your baby grows. 

Benefits of All In Two Nappy   

– One-size, convertible sizing as your baby grows by adjusting the buttons on the front into different positions. 
– Perfect waist fit at all stages of growth 
– Wide back waist elastics and firm leg elastics keep everything contained
– Pocket for adding extra boosters 
– Insert can be replaced when wet so you can reuse the outer shell 
– Suitable for night time for light/medium wetters 

Cons of All in Two Nappy 

 You need to adjust the rise snaps as they grow, but its really simple 

What about washing velcro nappies?

Easy done, on the inside of all our velcro cloth nappies you will find a laundry tab, which connects the hook side and prevents items catching in the wash. 

You can also pop your velcro shells into a delicates bag if you like, or turn them inside out when washing. Like everything, we build our products pretty tough so the velcro can withstand our recommended washing temps too. 

"I love these magic-all’s! I tried so so many different brands and styles with my first bub but none were ever just right. Close to the end of my first in nappies I found these! Ah-mazing! No more leaks as they are so absorbent, great fit, easy to wash and fold, easy to fasten on a toddler and cute to boot! My second baby I bought these in every size. Now I am RE-prepping them for my third due in a month"
Verified Customer

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