How do reusable swimming nappies work?

How do Swimming Nappies work?

The best reusable swimming nappies are not created equal, and there is plenty of options to choose from. So what makes a good baby swimming nappy? 

"Favourite swim nappy. Holds in any surprise swim lesson poos. One size is fantastic as you don’t need to keep buying new ones. Our swim nappy is on its second kid and still going strong."
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All swimming nappies are designed to catch solids only, any urine that a baby produces whilst they are swimming regardless of whether they are wearing a reusable or disposable swimming nappy means that the urine will come out into the water. Total fact, the crucial element when considering a swimming nappy for your baby is how well it holds in solids, because there would be nothing more embarrassing than a code-brown situation at the pool.  

How does a reusable swimming nappy work?

Firstly you have the outer layer which is the aqua colour fabric you can see on this lil water babe. This is typically made of a polyester fabric, with a hidden water proof layer the same as our Modern Cloth Nappies. 

Although the nappy will get wet, the waterproof layer helps to contain accidents before swimming and provides an extra level of poo-nami proofing in the pool. Nothing seeps through with our hidden membrane. 

The outer of the nappy also has buttons on the front, which are called rise (or size) adjustors. To change the sizing of the leg gaps, you simply connect the top row to the bottom row, which makes the sizing the smallest it can go, then as your baby grows you connect the top row to the second or third rows to increase the size. Genius we know. 

swim internal

Inside the Swimming Nappy you have a soft fleece fabric that goes against the skin. 

A nice wide elastic at the back waist, and firm but soft leg elastics mean that if you have the fit correct, nothing will escape these swimmer nappies. Embarrassing situation avoided! 

We choose velcro waist (similar to a disposable nappy) because it means quick release post swim, and less fuss trying to put it on those wiggle pots. Then simply fold over the velcro tabs before you wash.  

How to choose a good brand of swim nappy?

Firstly, there is now a lot of brands to choose from it can be overwhelming so it comes down to three things.. 

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews. 
2. Will it last? The whole point of choosing a reusable swimming nappy for your baby is that you don’t need to buy more. One-size swimming nappy is totally the way to go so it grows with your baby. Imagine that one swimming nappy that lasts from 3kg until they are toilet training. 
3. It works. Tried, tested again and again. 

What makes our washable, reusable swim nappy so good?

After 18 years we know a thing or two about quality and what it takes to develop a great product customers love time and time again. So mumma, we’ve got your back. Always. 

We’ve sold over 40,000 of these swim nappies since they launched 8 years ago and we have never come across a code-brown situation. Ever. 

"These are the best. We have two in almond. They’re cute. Work really well and save us money as we pretty much live at the beach. They dry relatively quickly too. We’ve used our for about 4 months so far and love that we don’t have to buy anything else as Bebe gets bigger."
Verified Customer

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