How to Keep Cloth Nappies Soft

How to Keep Your Nappies Soft & Fluffy 

Your new nappies arrive buttery soft & smooth as a babies bum, but like any natural fibre the texture of your nappies does change with use & washing, so after years of experience here are our top tips for keeping them soft.


Anything with natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp & cotton will feel different after washing & drying. Think of your denim jeans or cotton towels – washed & line dried in the sun they often feel stiff when you fold them up, however with the warmth of your bee-hind and body movement they quickly soften up to feel like your old favourites – well its a similar theory in nappies. The warmth and movement will soften them up very quickly so don’t be too concerned if they feel a little stiffer after a wash & dry.

Big tip – Fabric Softener is a NO NO! It will leave a coating over your nappies, that will make them feel soft but it stops them from absorbing and no-body likes nappies that don’t absorb. The 2-in-1 detergents are a different story though so keep reading!

Top Tips for keeping Reusable Nappies Soft

  • Try a 2 in 1 Detergent such as SOFT by b clean co which his specifically formulated for cloth nappies without reducing absorbency.
    Cold Power + Cuddly, Biozet + Softener or Surf 2-in1* .. the structure of these is different to softener-only formulas so they will not stop your nappies absorbing. 
  • Before they go on the bum … give them a good scrunch with your hands for a few minutes, or let your toddler give them a good run around .. the body warmth from your hands will soften them up
  • Tumble Dryer on LOW temp … yes although this isn’t as environmentally friendly as 100% line drying, a quick ten minutes in the dryer to finish them off will soften them up every time. Pop in some wool dryer balls for extra fluffiness.
  • You can add a stay-dry layer if using fitted nappy style .. a microfleece liner will not only catch solids, but it also stays soft as its a polyester so if you want something soft against the skin then this is a good option. You can either lay it front to back, OR pro-tip – lay it across the crotch of the nappy so you have little wings that overhang the sides (like wings on a menstrual pad) & tuck the wings underneath for a soft-in-all-the-right-places feel for your bub.
  • Warm Wash on 40-60 degrees does make a difference to softness too (we recommend these temps anyway)

* Clean Cloth Nappies

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