Lanolise your Baby Beehinds Wool Covers in 7 easy steps.

Lanolise your Baby Beehinds Wool Covers in 7 easy steps.


Wool covers are a powerful addition to any night-time cloth nappy routine. Here is a simple and well-tried method to lanolise your Baby Beehinds Wool Covers. And by a well-tried method, I mean used for 19 years on 4 kids and different types of wool covers. The Baby Beehinds Wool Covers are awesome as they use 100% Australian wool interlock material, with 2% spandex interwoven to give you just enough stretch to get the perfect fit over your night nappy or fitted.

You will need:

A mini strucket, laundry sink or a regular sized basin/bucket
Solid lanolin – 100% pure lanolin by the b clean co (we sell online)
A small jar or container with a screw top/tight fitting lid
Near boiling water from your kettle or very hot water from the tap

Time: 10 minutes to lanolise, plus soaking time, plus drying time.

Caution: You are using very hot water, please keep young children away and take all safety precautions.

Steps to Lanolise your Baby Beehinds Wool Cover

1. Grab a teaspoon of solid lanolin (per wool cover) and pop it in the jar along with about a cup of very hot water. Put the lid on and shake like mad until the solid lanolin is all melted into the water. It should look creamy and a little frothy with no lumps. Add a tiny squirt of baby wash to help emulsify the lanolin if you like. Make sure all the lumps are dissolved and it should go milky white.
2. Fill the basin/strucket with enough cool water to submerge the wool cover fully (about 1L) . Pour your milky lanolin mixture into the water basin and swirl around.
3. Turn your wool cover inside out, then completely submerge. Squeeze the wool cover under the water to ensure they are completely saturated.
4. Leave the wool cover to soak for 4 – 12 hours the first time your lanolising a new wool cover.
5. Pull the wool cover out and gently squeeze the water out.
6. Press the rest of the water out between two towels (optional but your wool cover will dry much quicker)
7. Dry completely by lying flat on top of a clothes horse, then its ready to rock and roll.


Extra Tips 

~ When dry, if your woollies feel very “dry and squeaky” then you have not used enough lanolin, if they feel greasy then you have used too much. they should feel slightly sticky/tacky if done properly.

~ Increase the amount of lanolin and water mix if you are doing several wool covers at the same time. Each cover needs about 1  teaspoon lanolin for the first time, then about 1/2 teaspoon for future relanolising.

~ No leaks are what we are chasing so just the right amount of lanolising is important.




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