The Leaking Disposable Nappy Hack that will save your sleep (and sanity)

Sleep is precious for everyone right. And there is NOTHING worse than finding your little baby bolt upright awake, screaming down the house because they are wet from head to toe.

We have heard everything over the years from  menstrual pads, to double disposables, to set nappy change times BUT there is a super simple solution that is cheap, easy and actually works. So sleep deprived parents, we got you on this one. 

Why disposables leak at night time?

When you think about how long any nappy is on a baby at night for, and how much volume a nappy needs to hold, then it’s a recipe for disaster. Add on dream feeds and the more volume of liquid a baby consumes, the more volume needs to come out the other end so a night nappy solution that works, ideally all night long, becomes the holy grail of the nappies for parents. 

Disposable Nappies are prone to leaks for a few reasons. 1 Capacity .. one those things are full, then there is no where to go except out. Secondly the elastics around the legs and waist are often not firm enough to keep liquid (let alone solids) contained so often you will find wetness between the legs or wicking on clothes around these spots. 

The great thing about this leaking nappy solution is it works in conjunction with your disposables, so you don’t need to jump into cloth nappies at night. 

Want to know the solution?

Ok so it is as simple this Mums & Dads. 

Firstly, you need something to catch the excess liquid that escapes the disposable nappy. Enter ..Bamboo Fold Up which is 3 layers of bamboo/organic cotton. It’s a buttery soft square of ultra absorbent material. Simply fold into 2 or 3 so it becomes a long rectangle. Anything absorbent made from natural fabrics is ideal for this (could be a muslin square cut and folded to size, cloth nappy insert etc) .. The idea is this absorbs the excess wetness on the outside of the disposable. 

Secondly, you need something waterproof over the top to keep clothes and bedding dry. Hello washable, water proof Nappy Covers. These are made from a soft, breathable polyester with hidden waterproof membrane. With elastics that actually keep everything contained, and velcro waist these are a game changer! 

To be honest, the nappy covers are great over disposable nappies during the day time too. 

So this is how to all comes together ... you can feel that decent nights sleep coming now cant you.

Step 1. Put your normal disposable nappy on your baby. 

Step 2. Add your Bamboo Fold Up to the OUTSIDE of the disposable, between the legs. If you have a boy or tummy sleeper then put more towards the front, or if you have a girl/back sleeper then put more towards the back of the nappy 

Step 3. Then finally pop your Nappy Cover over the whole lot, making sure nothing is poking out and the elastics are sitting in the undie line and secured nicely around the waist. 

Then in the morning, simply add your Bamboo Fold Up into a prewash cycle first, then add to your normal clothes washing. If your nappy cover is just damp, air dry and you can use another couple of nights before washing. When soiled, simply wash your nappy covers on their own with a warm wash, good detergent and line dry. 

We recommend washing the covers separately or in a laundry bag to avoid the velcro washing on other items in the wash. 

We created our Leaking Nappies Kit just for you. The Sanity Saving night nappy kit you have been searching for. Or you can grab either the waterproof covers or absorbent fold ups on their own. Just remember, you need both cover and something absorbent for this to work effectively.

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