Long Term Storage of Cloth Nappies

The moment when you realise your little baby no longer needs those beautiful nappies because they are a ‘big boy’ and toilet trained, is a mixed day of emotions. Pride that your little one is growing up and a touch of sadness that your beautiful collection of nappies needs to be retired (well … temporarily anyway until the next newborn arrives in the family!).

The beauty of cloth nappies, is you can store them away for future bums & when its time to get them out again its like getting back together with long lost friends!

Here are some tips on how best to store your MCNs.

Step 1. Strip wash nappies prior to storing – this removes any detergent build up & brings the fibres back to a neutral balance.

Step 2. Make sure your nappies are totally DRY. Air, moisture & light are the elements which will cause your fabric & elastics to disintegrate so its key to make sure they are super dry before storing away.

Step 3. Store them in a vacuum sealed bag or sealed plastic box, in a cool dark place.

Step 4.  If your nappies are going to be stored for more than 6 months, we recommend bring them out every 4-6 months or so and giving them a wash/dry, then re-storing. This will keep the elastics fresh and keep them from getting brittle.

Other tips …

Store your inserts separately & lay them flat (ie. not folded inside the pocket or nappy)
Make sure they is no strain on the elastics of the shells.
Putting tissue paper in the space bag would soak up any excess moisture.
When you want to use your nappies again, simply take them out of storage and give them a wash with your regular nappy detergent, and you’re away.




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  1. pavillon

    The attention to detail in this guide turns the mundane task of storing diapers into a poetic journey. Bravo to Baby Beehinds for not just providing nappies but also nurturing a community of parents dedicated to sustainable parenting. Here’s to wrapping our little ones in love and eco-friendliness, one cloth nappy at a time!

  2. Amelia

    Is this the same for brand new nappies when storing over 6 months whilst waiting for baby? Should you wash them before storage then repeatedly or just not wash until later when intending to use them?

  3. robertalen

    The storage system is very effective in our baby life.Thanks for important tips.

  4. Chele and Maye

    Some great tips thank you. I would never of though to wash them every 6months if they are in storage

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