MCN Safe Detergents … The Good, The Bad, The Ugly



Which detergent should I use? How much should I use? Can I make my own detergent? .…. Detergent is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to MCNs and we get hundreds of questions here at HQ. So we thought we would clear things up for you. Firstly, not all detergents are safe to use on MCNs. Why? Some chemicals used in most supermarket brands will make your clothes & nappies look super white & clean (great for clothes) but they leave behind a residue which basically coats the fibres of your inserts & stay dry layers, making it almost impossible for the inserts to do their job and absorb liquid. The old school method of soaking in bleach or napisan does more harm than good to the materials used in modern doth nappies like PUL, TPU and elastics.


What to AVOID in detergents.  Avoid any detergent that contains fabric softeners, bleach, enzyme cleaners (specifically cellulase), phosphates, optical brighteners or artificial scents. So common supermarket detergents like OMO, Dynamo, Cold Power, Napisan are NOT recommended for MCNs.


RECOMMENDED DETERGENTS   (to get you started) 

Rockin Green – Classic or Hard Rock

Biozet Attack (Liquid Only)

Cushie Tushie Laundry Liquid

Tri Nature Laundry Liquid

Planet Ark Sensitive

Bostitos Eucalyptus Wash – Liquid

EcoStore Laundry Liquid & Powder, Lemon Laundry Powder.

Tri Nature 



Obviously different people will get different results from the same detergent, so don’t be afraid to try different brands until you find the one that suits you and your baby. Factors such as washing machine type, water quality (hard or soft), cold V warm water etc may give you different results. If your baby is getting a rash, or your nappies aren’t smelling clean then perhaps your wash routine may need some tweaking .. That where we can help. Simply pop us an email or give us a call and we will trouble shoot together to get your routine right for you.


What about vinegar, bi-carb, soap flakes & home made detergent? Unfortunately none of the ingredients for DIY detergents are beneficial for the fabrics & fibres used in MCNS. Vinegar might be great for making your towels nice and fluffy, but it will damage the delicate PUL fibres and elastics in your nappies. Using these types of ingredients will void your product warranty & will potentially do more damage than good.


Remember the key to getting nice clean nappies is to find a detergent that works for you, find a wash routine that works for you and your machine and stick to it. Google can be a confusing world and information overload on this topic, so if you’re not sure ask BBH HQ!  

Long Term Storage of Cloth Nappies
Stinky Nappies ….

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  1. Jade Franklin

    Is earth choice for wool and delicates ok to use on your nappies (it does contain eucalyptus oil)? Also I have a front loader – would you recommend a cycle with a pre wash setting or doing a quick cycle followed by a long 60 degree cycle? Thanks

    • AZSXDC@123

      HI! We don’t recommend using Earths Choice on our products – the formula generally is quite weak and doesn’t give you a good deep clean that you need to remove the nasties. Formualas for wool/delicates are even more gentler than their standard detergent. Their wool wash is fine to use on wool products like our wool covers, but we dont recommend any of their products for washing nappies. If youre looking for en ecofriendly detegent then Dirt is really good, otherwise EcoStore Liquid is pretty good – with any eco detergent make sure you double the dose, and wash on 60 degrees for best results. (and a long cycle)

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