Nappy Change Time – How to Tell in A Cloth Nappy

Nappy Change Time Tips & Tricks


There are a few ways to tell when you’re cloth nappy needs to be changed and with a few changes you’ll have it down pat when your bub needs to be changed … Unlike disposables, your Baby BeeHinds Cloth Nappies will keep everything contained inside so it’s pretty rare to have one of those scenarios where you have poop from head to toe which would be a clear indication its time to change the nappy!


So how to tell when its time to change your baby in a cloth nappy?


  • Every 2 hours. Generally for any type of nappy (disposable or cloth) every 2 hours is the industry standard for changing a nappy in childcare facilities. Its an easy, simple to follow rule unless there is a no 2 which needs attention its a good rule to work by. You can get up to 3-4 hours (and up to 12 hours in the night nappy) in between changes in our nappies depending on the style of nappy which is a personal preference and does depend on the nappy style, wetting level of your child and boosting. Our Bamboo Nappy is the most absorbent of the day nappies because the whole nappy is absorbent, so it will last longer before it reaches capacity.
  • Go by feel. A cloth nappy between the legs when freshly on your babies bottom will feel soft and squishy as the absorbent layers have not yet had liquid absorb. Once your little one has wet the nappy, the front area of the nappy will start to feel a a little firmer to touch and when it’s fully saturated there won’t be much bounce back on the fabric.
  • Take a peek. The elastics and water-resistant fabrics in our nappies are designed to keep everything including smells contained so a quick peek in the back elastics will indicated if its time to change.


change table with white wet bag

When you’re out & about with bub, changing a cloth nappy can be daunting at first but with a few change time essentials it becomes second natures & just as easy as if using disposables. Here is some extra tips for when you’re out & about


Where do I put the dirty cloth nappy? …Easy! This is where your wet bags kick into action. Double Pocket Wetbag has one pouch for clean nappies & one pouch for soiled. The Large Wetbag is one big wet bag which holds up to 8 nappies. Simply remove the nappy off the bub, roll it up and pop into your wet bag to deal with when you get home. The smell will be contained safely inside the wet bag.


What do I do with wipes? … If using wet wipes, simply pop into the bin in the change room. Do not ever flush wet wipes as none are flushable. If you’re using Reusable Wipes, then simple wipe and add to your wet bag to wash later.


We would love to hear your tips for changing cloth nappies, so add your comment below.

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  1. Simone Stevenson

    I always use liners in nappies. For solids I wipe with dry tissue first and then use damp cloth wipes second (I use Cheeky wipes) I used disposable wipes for my older kids but my youngest has eczema so have found cloth wipes better for his skin and tbh much easier to clean up with!

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