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Australian Merino Wool Nappy Cover

Loved by parents all over the world and perfected over 16 years, our reusable wool diaper cover is a serious game changer for your night nappy needs.

The Magic of Wool

We aren’t joking, there is magic to this wool cover. It repels moisture back into the nappy keeping clothes & bedding dry all night long. Simply wash, lanolise and pop over your chosen night nappy AND wool is self cleaning (yes seriously) and only needs to be washed every few weeks when it get smelly.  Lanolin can be hard to find in the shops, so we created our own so grab one to get started on the magic of Wool Nappy Covers.

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Wool Nappy Cover is your Game Changer:

The must-have nappy cover essential for mastering cloth nappies at night. Simply add Lanolin for the ultimate magic dry night solution!


Why You’ll Love It:


Dry Nights Yeh Baby!: Seriously we all want more sleep. All. The. Time. So having a dry baby & dry bedding makes for one happy mumma & bubba. This wool cover repels moisture back into the nappy underneath keeping everything dry. With a little TLC and lanolising these covers are seriously the bomb for nights.


Breathable All Night Long: Being a natural fibre, wool is the most breathable type of cover you will find. It can hold up to 4 times its weight without feeling wet (seriously wool is amazing!) AND on those hot summer nights your little one will stay super cool. Surprising I know, but so true!


Big Booty Safe: Let’s face it .. Night Nappy = Big Booty Baby so you need a cover with super stretch in both directions to cover the nappy properly. These covers will fit over the biggest booty going round with our custom-made fine merino wool interlock.


Self Cleaning: … Well almost. Once these wool wraps care washed & lanolised, the beauty is that wool self neutralises & deodorises wee meaning you only need to wash these when they start to get smelly. Just air dry during the day and away you go each night. Seriously good, so a little bit of wool wash & lanolise once a month and you have the easiest night nappy cover ever!


Soft & Cuddly: These are beautifully made and designer with soft delicate skin in mind, so we only use 100% Australian Merino wool so they are soft against the skin. Babies with sensitive skin even love these covers!


2019 SACNU Favourite Wool Cover (Silver)
Plus rave reviews across the globe.

Also available in our Trial Packs & Night Starter Packs which get you a nice little discount too.

Product Specifications

Fabric: 97% Wool / 3% Spandex using 100% Australian Merino Wool.
Style: Pull Up
Washing: Separate to Nappies. Requires wool wash/lanolising
Sizing: Small (3-6kg), Med (6-11kg)  Large (10-16g)  & XL (15kg-21kg)

Please note: These do not come lanolised so you will need to lanolise them prior to using. They have different washing instructions to nappies – please see our Advice Hub

Wool Care & Lanolising

Wool covers require some extra care, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult!

BeeHinds wool covers only need washing every few weeks! (Providing they are not soiled and have been lanolised well enough).

When you change your baby’s nappy, hang the wool cover to air dry until you next need to use it again (it is best to alternate between covers when using wool). The lanolin in the wool neutralizes the urine, meaning your cover is self-cleaning.
Wash your cover prior to lanolising with a good wool wash detergent. You only need to re-wash your cover if it becomes soiled, stinky or dirty, or when it requires re- lanolising. If your baby is a heavy wetter with very strong urine, you will probably need to lanolise more regularly.

Baby BeeHinds wool covers can be machine washed, on the gentle cycle, inside a laundry or delicates bag.

Make sure you only wash in cold water using a gentle wool wash.
If you prefer, you may choose to wash by hand in cool water using soap flakes or wool wash (ideal). These are nice and gentle on the natural fibers of the wool.
Once clean, rinse well under cool water, lanolise, and then hang in the shade to dry.
Do not soak your wool covers in whitening or soaking solutions
Do not tumble dry


In order for your wool cover to perform its best, it needs to be ‘ lanolised’. Lanolin is the natural oil found in wool that helps to keep sheep dry in the rain. The wool needs to have this lanolin replenished every couple of weeks to maintain its leak proof abilities. Don’t stress, lanolising is pretty simple and only needs to be done every 2-4 weeks!

The best product to use is ‘Lansinoh’, which is sold at chemists (commonly used to soothe sore nipples when breastfeeding). It is the purest form of lanolin available and is completely natural and hypoallergenic.

Simply fill a bucket or sink with about 5cm of very hot water, than add about 2 x pea-sized amount of pure lanolin and mix to melt and disperse.
Once the lanolin is melted and evenly dispersed throughout the hot water, add enough cold water to make it cool
Submerge your cover into the solution and squeeze the cover to distribute the lanolin into the fibres, then leave to soak for a couple of hours or overnight.
When you are ready to remove the cover, do not rinse it, just squeeze out the excess water by hand.
Roll your cover up in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible, and then lay flat in the shade to dry.
Re- lanolise every 2-4 weeks, or when the cover starts to get a bit stinky!

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Fabric: 97% Wool / 3% Spandex using 100% Australian Merino Wool.
Style: Pull Up
Washing: Separate to Nappies. Requires wool wash/lanolising
Sizing: Small (3-6kg), Med (6-11kg)  Large (10-16g)  & XL (15kg-21kg)

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24 reviews for Wool Cover

  1. Sami

    I wanted to love this – a natural fibre option instead of the PUL cover! However, it’s quite small, and for some reason the lanolising process left my cover stickier than I wanted it to be. There was residue on my fingers, and it wasn’t the nicest feeling when dressing baby at night. I opted for the PUL cover because it’s fuss-free.

  2. Melanie Taraborrelli

    The properties of wool amaze me. This is a beautiful soft cover which has kept my twin girls’ clothes dry throughout the night. I love the firm fit and the lanolising process is much easier than I would have initially thought!

  3. greenwood.kate (verified owner)

    The unique traits of wool are so impressive. We use these covers over our night nappy, and have recently started using them over our bamboo fitted during the day at home. We have never had a leak whilst using this cover.
    The fit is just right, stretching with our growing boy, which makes it great value. Lanolising has been a really easy process, and only needed once a month or so. Highly recommend.

  4. Stacey Luxford (verified owner)

    Hector is my 2 and a half (almost 3 year old) and has high sensory autism, he has refused to wear clothes for almost a year now but wear a hat every day. We have been toilet training him for 3 months now and he is in heaven knowing he doesn’t have to wear clothes.
    I recently bought Baby Beehinds Wool Cover for the Bamboo Fitted nappies for my 1 year old and instead liked how stretchy these wool covers are so put them on my 2 year old just like undies and he loved them! He didn’t even try to take them off! When he did an accident (*wee) he didn’t have wee running down his leg like undies and when he took them off after weeing, there was a little pool of wee which I just poured out, since i only bought one we have washed it and he is waiting/ eager for it to dry. I haven’t even lanolised them yet either!
    I would like to say if you have an autistic child with any type of sensory needs. I’d recommend these as undies or even training pants. They’re stretchy but hold their place and are firm fitting. Couldn’t recommend them enough, will be recommending these wool covers to his OT Therapists .

  5. Hannah Bergado (verified owner)

    This nappy cover is amazing, leaving a review as I’m coming back to buy some more. I was skeptical about not needing to wash after every use, but they really do self sanitise! My baby started waking every hour because he was wet recently, but when I use this cover with the baby beehinds night nappy he can sleep 6 hours straight.
    Also, this company has hands down the best customer service of any of the cloth nappy companies, and I have a pretty wide range of brands in my stash. So helpful, lovely team and literally the best nappies. You won’t regret investing a little more for this cover, it is worth its price tag a hundred times over!

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