Night Nappy Hacks

Make the most out of your Baby BeeHinds Reusable Night Nappies with these Night Nappy Hacks we have learnt over the years

Night Nappies & Wool Covers are an investment, so make the most out of them with these awesome tips learned from our own cloth nappying and real life customers. 

Hack 1 - Use the Medium Night Nappy for a Newborn (Yup)


Using a Medium night nappy on a newborn

I co-slept with baby #3 from early when he was quite small, and this meant that I didn’t want to be changing him overnight. Also – it was Winter! No-one enjoys changing a little squish in the cold, in the middle of the night.

My solution was to use a medium sized BBH night nappy WITHOUT the insert as a fitted nappy with a PUL cover or Wool Cover. This reduced the size of the bulky night nappy on a small bubba, but it still has the lovely stay-dry fleece and plenty of absorbency. On the tightest level, I wasn’t able to get a super snug fit around the legs in the early days, but I used a PUL cover in the medium size which gave a good fit around his legs. If small wool covers were available at the time I would have jumped on those, but the small wool covers would be perfectly snug. 

This would be also a good option for any heavy-wetting newborns.

Hack 2 - Large Size Night Nappy as Pull Up (say what!)

night nappy on baby next to christmas tree

A night time pull-up for my big girl.

My eldest girl toilet trained during the day easily but took a really long time to toilet train overnight. As she got bigger our MCN’s wouldn’t fit, and training pants in the larger sizes wouldn’t cut it absorbency wise, even boosted.

She also started getting embarrassed about wearing a ‘nappy’. Especially as her friends and younger brother didn’t need one. This broke my heart a little.

My solution was to use the BBH night nappy in Large, without the inserts as a ‘pull-up’. This had more absorbency than training pants but was way less bulky. 

For her, this was a more grown up option, as she could pull it on herself. The BBH large night nappy (without the snap-in insert), teamed with the large wool cover (that had plenty of stretch & was also pull up style) was a great option for us. It gave my daughter independence but still meant that I wasn’t washing sheets every day.


Hack 3 - Wool Cover for Toilet Training

When my son was toilet trained during the day, and was pretty good most nights we switched to using the wool cover over a pair of jocks at night time. So yes there was no absorbency in there, BUT a lanolised wool cover did the trick for catching any small accidents at night time and gave him the confidence he needed. 

Because he has worn the wool cover for ages, using it with a pair of jocks underneath was a good small step to success at night time. Now if your child still needs absorbency, then you will still need a nappy underneath, but this is a great step when they have almost perfected things at night.

“These night nappies and wool covers literally saved my sanity. No more 3am bedding changes. Game changer "
Cara C.
Verified Customer

Washing Cloth Nappies Tips - Night Nappies

  • Hand rinse or pre wash each night nappy each morning to remove bacteria (that causes ammonia smells) 

    – 40-60 degrees temperature is recommended for all detergent types
  • Pre-wash is essential before your main wash to remove surface solids and urine (essentially making your main wash water much cleaner)
  • Prewash should be min 30 minutes, 1/2 dose detergent. Dry pail after prewash until you’re ready to do main long wash 
  • Make sure your drum is 3/4 full when wet for proper agitation
  • Prewash daily to avoid stains, and main wash every 2-3 days maximum
  •  See our Advice Hub for more details info on washing 
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