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Night Nappy Solutions

Sleep is precious. Our Award Winning Night Nappy options are just what you need. Trusty. Reliable. Go-to for nights.

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    4 night nappies and 2 wool covers
    pure lanolin on orange background
    Night Nappy Starter Pack $203.20$245.65 save $43.35(save 15%)

    The perfect balance of dry nights, no stress & manageable washing routine to kick start using cloth nappies at night. Includes 4 Award Winning Night Nappies & 2 Wool Covers.

    And grab a 10% – 15% discount too! Add on the essential Lanolin to waterproof your wool covers and you are set for dreamy nights.

    Small 2-4kg | Medium 4-8kg  | Large 8-13kg | XL 13kg +


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    reusable night nappy trial pack
    bamboo fitted nappy on pale yellow background
    Night Nappy Trial Pack $122.40 save $13.60(save 10%)

    Sweet Dreams & Dry Nights are just around the corner with this Night Nappy Trial Pack.

    4 perfectly curated, interchangeable products which gives you 4 different combinations to try to find the perfect night nappy solution. You’re in safe hands with our Award Winning range & a nice little 10% discount too!


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    Leaking Nappies Kit $44.80 save $11.20(save 20%)

    Got leaking disposable nappies or reusable nappies that just don’t hold enough at night? Tired of changing baby, changing bedding at 2am thanks to leaking nappies? … We hear you babe, but don’t worry this quick fix kit is the solution you have been dreaming off!

    Easy? Yes! Cheap? Yes! Actually works? Yes! 

    Layer up as follows: Disposable (or normal nappy) on first, then folded bamboo fold up between the legs (to absorb excess wee), then pop waterproof nappy cover over the top. Make sure everything is tucked inside the cover to avoid wicking and sleepy time here we come baby!

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