Night Nappies: Top 5 Tips for Success

night time nappies can be overwhelming because sleep is so precious. 

We have been mastering night nappy solutions for 18 years so we’ve got you babe.

“Cloth Nappies was always something I had thought about with my first baby but didn’t really understand how they worked. I seriously thought they were the old style with giant safety pins. Boy was I wrong! With baby no 2, I decided to take the leap & have never looked back. Who would have thought there would be such a huge community of Cloth Nappy parents. If you’re thinking about giving it a go, take a leap of faith & you won’t look back”

Cara C. Jan 2020.

What Makes Up a Modern Cloth Nappy

There is 3 components to a Cloth Nappy. Waterproof Outer, Absorbent Core & Fixtures

The colourful outer layer you see in almost all our nappies is called PUL (polyurethane laminate) which is your water-resistant layer that keeps clothes dry. The actual PUL membrane is a clear film which is sandwiched between two layers of super thin, silky & breathable polyester fabric. Don’t worry, these fabrics are still very breathable due to the technology behind them. Superior brands like Baby BeeHinds use this sandwich PUL because it lasts longer, can withstand higher heat temperatures when washing & feels silkier to touch. Cheaper nappies only have a single sided PUL layer. Not all PUL fabrics are made equal, so if you want your nappies to last across Multiple bottoms, then it is worth investing in better brands.

There are various fabric options available which absorb the urine. We prefer natural fibres like Bamboo/Organic Cotton or Hemp as they are more sustainable, breathable & suitable to go against the skin OR inside a pocket. We use a custom made 380gsm bamboo/organic cotton blend as our main core fabric which has a touch of polyester to aide in drying time & quicker absorption. You can customise & position our inserts where you need it which is at the front for boys & the middle for girls.

constellation multfit against green basket

To secure the waist you will find either Velcro (super easy & the perfect fit) OR Snaps (better security). We only use Velcro Brand & Premium KAM Snaps so nothing but the best in our products!
You will also find in most nappy styles, there is an inner white layer which is designed to wick moisture away from the skin quickly & keep baby feeling dry. All our nappies are slightly different in the way the function & adjust so jump onto each product or our You Tube Channel to get the low down on how each style works.

How Do Reusable Nappies Work?

It really is as simple as choose a style (or a couple of styles) you like & that work for your baby. We recommend starting with a Trial Pack which gives you a 20% discount like our Beginners Trial Pack then once you have found a style you love jump in deeper. Everyone will have a different favourite so it really is an individual choice.

Basically once the nappy is on-the-bum (OTB), you go about life as normal. The more absorbency in a nappy, the longer between changes you need. On average a Cloth Nappy should give you between 2-3 hours, however some styles have more absorbency to last longer (Fitted Nappy & Night Nappy). Guidelines are the same as disposables, it’s recommended to change a nappy every 2 hours for best hygiene practices. Once your cloth nappy is soiled, simply pop into your dry pail/bucket until you’re ready to wash. Most nappy styles require you to wash the absorbent layer & PUL outer once soiled, however the Nappy Covers & All in Two can be air dried & reused if slightly wet. The All-In-Two you can just pop a new insert in & reuse the shell again.

You wash the PUL Outer & the absorbent layers all together at the same time. Then simply wash, line dry & use again. No more nasty disposable nappies filling up your bin. Even if you just incorporate some reusable nappies part time along with disposables, then trust us you will feel so much better with each cloth nappy change you make. And it really is making a difference to our planet, even one cloth nappy makes a difference!

The Surprising Benefits of using Modern Cloth Nappies

There are many reasons for incorporating Modern Cloth Nappies into your family. Saving Money is a big driver for our customers especially with disposables costing over $4000 per baby. You can set yourself up with full time cloth nappies from as little as $600 which will last across several babies.

Environmental Impact is probably the number one driver for people trying Modern Cloth Nappies. Our council bins are getting smaller, landfill is getting bigger & our planet is getting hotter. Switching to Reusable Nappies may seem small if you think about just your baby, but imagine if even 50% of the babies born each year used some form of reusable nappy. Imagine how much of a difference that would make. So yes, even you & your family can make a difference by choosing to incorporate some cloth nappies into your baby journey. Part-time or Full-Time is doesn’t matter. All that matters is your taking action!

You might be surprised to hear that a squishy little cloth bum actually will Make Your Heart Sing! Seriously there is a major feel-good factor to cloth nappies & it really is simple. Cute prints, matchy match accessories, plain colours the list is endless .. what’s not to love!

Oh and the even better thing is that you will never run out of nappies! No late night panic, no rushing off to the shops when you have that explosion of a life time. Just walk to the change table, grab your favourite print & you’re safe! Cloth Nappies to the rescue!

Where to Start?

Our personal favourite nappies for beginners are the All in One & All in Two
They are super simple to get your head around & both have fantastic reviews. Otherwise grab yourself a Beginners Trial Pack which gives you 5 of our Best Selling nappy styles to try & gives you a 20% discount.

So jump on in & welcome to the world of Modern Cloth Nappies. Got a question, ask away!

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