Poo removal .. What are your options with cloth nappies?

OK .. “How do you get the poo off without it going everywhere” is one of the most common questions we get asked from parents curious about cloth nappies. Well its actually really simple, not much grosser than handling disposable nappies! … The one thing about being a parent is you get used to poos in all shapes, sizes & smells and there is no way of avoiding it! Baby = mess, vomit, food in your hair, poo in places you never thought poo could get to!


Clearly in disposables the majority of people simply wrap the disposable poo & all, place in a plastic bag & put it in the bin. Have you ever looked on the packaging on a box of disposables? Most have instructions for waste removal which reads something along the lines of ‘if nappy is soiled, flush solids into the toilet. Do not dispose of nappy down the toilet’. So even parents using disposables should be removing solids!


There are a few of things to make the poo removal process easier!


  1. Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer is my go to option for home. Its a high powered water hose, that attaches simply to your toilet at the wall. It will remove even the stickiest if poos with ease, giving you poo free nappies to put into your dry pail or washing machine.
  2. Baby BeeHinds Nappy Liners Are a paper thin sheet made from super soft viscose (cotton & wood pulp by-product, that contains no bamboo) .. The fact our liners don’t contain bamboo which takes high temperatures to break down, means they are indeed safe to flush. We recommend flushing the soiled/pooey liners, & disposing of the wet/wee liners in the bin. These also make heading out & about super easy for those nasty poos while your at the shopping centre!
  3. Reusable Liners – make your own! You can use micro fleece cut to size (just make sure its not microfibre!)
  4. Have a dedicated ‘poo scraper’ something like a spatula .. And I’d recommend having a coloured one you know is for the nappy area!


So at the end of the day, poo is poo and we all have to deal with it! These tricks of the trade make life easy for cloth nappy changes!

Happy change time!

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