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If superior absorbency is what you want, then this is the modern cloth nappy for you! Our No 1. Best Seller our Bamboo Fitted Nappy is buttery soft, shaped & contoured with elastics in all the right places to keep things contained. Our No 1. Best Selling Nappy .. Previously with rainbow stitching, our new all white nappy is clean, crisp and modern with all white stitching. Same style, fit, fabric and design, just new colour stitching.

You can depend on Bamboo Nappies

Our Multi-Award winning bamboo cloth nappies are a total workhorse nappy that will last for years & is one of the best value for money you will find.

24-30 is the perfect amount for full time cloth nappies. Don’t forget to grab your matching waterproof covers One-Size and grow with your baby. Simply add a Nappy Cover or Wool Cover for your waterproof layer.

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Bamboo Fitted Nappies

Bamboo Fitted Nappy – The Workhorse Nappy

If superior absorbency is what you want, then this bamboo nappy for you! Our No 1. Best Seller, the Bamboo Fitted Nappy is buttery soft, shaped & contoured with elastics in all the right places to keep things contained.

SACNU Favourite Fitted Finalist
MyChild Best Reusable Nappy (Bronze) 

Best One-Size Nappy (Bronze) –  Cloth Nappy Awards 
Retailers Choice (Silver)
Best Fitted Nappy (Gold) 
Best Fitted Nappy (Gold) 

Why you’ll love our fitted bamboo cloth nappies


Nothing but Natural  – The fact is, natural fibres keep your baby cooler, for longer. Our Bamboo/Cotton Fleece fabric will keep those little bums breezy cool all summer long.


One-Size-Fits-Your-Bub – With a simply fold of the front of the bamboo nappy, this will take you from newborn to toilet training without a leak. Cross-over waist snaps give you a perfectly snug fit every time.


Day or Night Suitable  – This cloth nappy is a total workhorse nappy for every day use, but it also makes a great night nappy in younger or lighter wetting babies. This is our go-to nappy for car trips, day sleeps & hot summer days. Nothing escapes these!


Ultra Thirsty – Up to 13 layers of thirsty bamboo fleece, means there is plenty of material to soak things up. Fold the snake inserts and position in the ‘wet zone’.


Just Add Cover – These are the ultimate workhorse nappy, but they do need a waterproof layer to keep clothes & bedding dry. Simply add a Nappy Cover or Wool Cover & away you go.

Have a look at this video to check out the features & how to adjust the sizing.



Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Waist Closure: Snaps
Sizing: One size fits most (fold over rise)
Absorbency: 60% Bamboo/30% Organic Cotton/10% polyester 
: Long & Short Snake Style 3 layer bamboo fleece inserts.  Max 13 layers.
Outer Fabric:
 Bamboo Fleece
Inner Fabric: Bamboo Fleece
Pocket: No
Laundry tabs: No
Nappy Cover Needed: Yes

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24 reviews for Bamboo Fitted

  1. Henry Trewren

    I did write that the Multifit nappies were the best but actually these are better. Natural fibres and these will last longer.

  2. Kimberly Dobson (Verified Customer)

    Bought two of these to try in late 2021 for my daughter (18 months) with the baby beehind wool covers for night nappies. They work well and keep her dry all night as a combo. I have just purchased four more.

  3. Ella (Verified Customer)

    No leaks – super absorbent and contains the worst nappy explosions without incident!
    A great all rounder. Love it without a cover on hot summer days. It’s very versatile and easy to boost for no-leak nap time.

  4. n.santoro

    I love this nappy. I add the bamboo trifold insert for extra absorption. I like that it’s soft even when I line dry them, but also use hemp fitted and finish those ones in the dryer on really low heat.

  5. Chanelle

    So so happy we listened to all the rave reviews on this nappy. It does not disappoint! We use these as our night nappies with the BBH wool cover or one of the PUL covers and they work a treat. We’ve gotten 12+ hours overnight use! So many options on how to configure inserts to get absorption where you need it and easily boosted with other inserts if you ever need to. We started using these at 4 months and still do on our 16 month old. These are still soft after many many washes.

  6. ezmcp

    I bought these nappies for my first child over 7 years ago and I’m now using them for my third child who is 2. They are the best cloth nappies I’ve used, either with BB covers or home made lanolised wool covers, never leak, very absorbent and although some of them are getting a bit worn out after 3 children’s worth of nappies, still working great! Used from close to newborn (I used plain terry towelling nappies in first few weeks with BB covers as I found they fitted tiny babies best and easy to wash and dry when changing so many times a day) through to toilet training and fitted well on all 3 differently shaped kids.

  7. Elise Nandan

    Absolutely love these! Great quality- have been used through 3 kids and elastic has just gone on some but because they have waterproof covers they are still useable and I love that I never have to worry about laminating layers wearing!

  8. Jess Meskell (Verified Customer)

    Obsessed with these bamboo fitted nappies. We use them overnight for our 4 month old – and could add extra absorbancy if needed. No leaks, super comfortable and easy to put on!

  9. Aimee

    Ive tried a few versions of reusables but for both of my heavy wetting boys these are always my go to. The absorbency is awesome and they last well before needing to be changed, night or day. The bamboo fabric is so beautiful and soft. Thanks for making such an awesome product! They are also still in such great nick going through my second son now.

  10. Adrienne Logie

    My favourite daytime cloth nappy! I love that it’s always soft on the little one’s bottom. It has a great absorbency and easy to use both at home and out and about. It washes and dries well in the short winter days because the nappy and inserts can all be separated.

  11. Alison Moffitt (Verified Customer)

    We were passed on a collection of bamboo fitted nappies when our baby was born, and we are so thankful! These nappies are amazing!! We have bought some more ourselves to have more on hand, but even the original nappies we were given, bought a decade ago and used now on four babies, are still going strong. I can’t recommend these enough: they are very absorbent, they grow with your baby and they last for a VERY long time. Well worth the investment.

  12. Lauren

    We got these in a trial pack. Found them to be lovely and soft and totally bomb proof! Good absorbency.

  13. Rachel

    Lovely soft nappy. No leaks due to hefty gussets- love this. Easy to adjust for little bubbas once you learn how to do it. I use overnight with a wool cover! Super absorbent.

  14. Jules (Verified Customer)

    These nappies are great, after a few times through the wash they have good absorbency, I use them regularly for night time.

  15. EllaJ (Verified Customer)

    These nappies are great, we love them as they are soft and obvisouly made from great quality materials. We have more than 12 as it’s really handy having them around. They last a long time, so we use them interchangably alongside our BB Night Nappies, we just pop in a night insert and these work great as a replacement! Only downside is they are on the bulky side, especially on a smaller baby.

  16. Lindsay Lee (Verified Customer)

    This nappy is a great all rounder but with my heavy wetter I need to add a trifold if I’m using at night. Much softer than the hemp/cotton fitted.

  17. Karina Evans

    These nappies seem to last forever and never leak. These are my favourite baby beehind nappies.

  18. Angela Perez

    Definitely the most reliable cloth night nappy I’ve tried!
    This nappy has it all when it comes to night nappy coverage! Wonderfully soft, it can seem a bit big for baby at the start but is very soft, and reliable and will soak all the wetness in, though as my boy got bigger, you certainly need to use the cover so as to keep their jumpsuit and sleep sack dry! A great nappy and workhorse product my only comment would be that my two-year is a little too big for the bamboo night nappy and we might have to search for a slightly bigger version, as he is in a size 3 and 15 kgs and finding this night nappy a bit on the small side!

  19. Caitlin Forbes (Verified Customer)

    Great absorbency, really nice to be worn without a cover in summer and a great bomb proof nappy with a cover during winter.

    • Baby BeeHinds (Verified Customer)

      Thanks Cailtlin, Classic nappy that is our best seller for so many reasons!

  20. Josh F

    The perfect workhorse nappy with easily customisable absorbency for boys/girls. We always reach for these nappies, you can’t beat the absorbency.

  21. Alex Greaves

    The most absorbent nappies ever, and we tried a lot! They last hours on our heavy wetter and they’re so reliable for long trips out. They also seem really comfy on him and look so cute without a cover around the house. They wash really nicely too. Our favourite nappies ever!

  22. greenwood.kate (Verified Customer)

    Wow! What a beautiful product, I wish I’d found it at the start of my cloth nappy journey. When at home, our 9mo hangs out in the bamboo fitted with a wool cover over the top. I’ve never had any leaks, and after 3.5hrs he still feels reasonably dry. Highly recommend.

  23. cara clews (Verified Customer)

    Easily the most absorbent day time nappy we have in our stash and we 6 different brands. These are a total workhorse nappy & the best option for when at home. Sleep time, play time or long car trips, these are the best!

  24. Jamie Errico (Verified Customer)

    These are probably my favourite BBH nappies… as my daughter got older they were my go-to MCN as they are so absorbant and contained the toddler wee the best out of all my nappies. I am also using them at nights on my 3 mo old son with a bamboo trifold and wool cover. Dry easily as the shell and inserts can be separated. Do need a cover when wearing clothes but great for wearing on there own around the house.

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