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    double pocket wet bags hanging up
    Double Pocket – Wetbag $18.90 save $8.10(save 30%)
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    This is the ultimate day out wet bag! Designed with the ability to store new & soiled nappies separately, this is a must have in your collection. Both PUL lined compartments, will keep things dry & smell free where things belong. Alternatively the front pocket is the perfect place to store wet wipes, wallet, swaddles .. you know those mummy essentials when out & about!

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    Mini Wetbag $9.10 save $3.90(save 30%)
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    Heading out the door and just need something small to take with you? This Mini Wetbag is the perfect size to store your little ones Swim Nappy, Cloth Wipes, Breast pads or Cloth Nappy while out & about. Water-resistant, smell proof and super cute, this mini wet bag is the bag that keeps on giving!

    Not only is it great for cloth nappies but it is also a valuable tool in any parents baby items. Whether it’s holding your make-up, a sandwich, baby bottle or wet wipes this little wet bag beauty just keeps on giving! 21 x 21cm in size.

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    castaway xl wetbag on rack
    XL Hanging Wet Bag $27.30 save $11.70(save 30%)
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    This extra large hanging wet bag is a very versatile accessory for around the home. With adjustable snap-in straps, it can be hung securely from a change table, door or anywhere really! It makes a great alternative to using a nappy bucket, allowing good circulation and keeping it off the floor. Perfect for small laundry’s or bathrooms. 

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