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BABY Eco Laundry Detergent is the plant based, laundry detergent designed specifically to wash Modern Cloth Nappies and give you super clean results, without the added chemicals.

Designed specifically for cleaning cloth nappies and with an inbuilt laundry booster inside the formula, you don’t need to add extra expensive laundry boosters.  Safe for sensitive skin, no nasty chemicals, 4 deep cleaning enzymes this is a must-have detergent for your family and can be used on everything, not just reusable nappies

2023 – MUMS GRAPEVINE – Mouths of Mums Award

BUY 3+ and receive a FREE Compostable Scoop  

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BABY Laundry Detergent

100% Australian Made | Deep Cleaning Powdered Laundry Detergent


Plant Based Super Powers – A powerful combination of plant based surfactants, deep cleaning enzymes and free from all the nasties this delivers great results every time.

Cloth Nappy Safe  – One of the hardest things to clean (and keep clean) is cloth nappies so we developed a powerful combination to keep even the nastiest of items clean and smell free.

Removes the Stinks – Our deep cleaning formula prevents the eye-watering stinks every time, especially if you follow our washing advice.

Smells like Australia – Say what! Yes this divine smelly powder smells like the Australian Bush – a gentle scent of Eucalyptus when you open the pouch smells so relaxing, yet it rinses free so there is no residual smell.

Australian Owned & Made  –  When you choose b clean co you are supporting local Australian manufacturing and keeping employment where it belongs. We take great pride in working with local manufacturers to create jobs in South Australia.

No Nasties  – We hate nasty ingredients too and know how important taking care of your families needs is so you won’t find any hidden ingredients in our products. Free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Phosphates, Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes and Optical Brighteners. Nothing but good stuff.

Grey Water & Septic Safe plus Vegan & Not Tested on Animals.


Recycle Me – We hate hard packaging that most detergents come in so our soft pouches are recyclable via the RedCycle programs across Australia. As soon as we have a more environmentally friendly option suitable for small scale production we will let you know, but in the mean time we think our pouches are pretty rad.

If you’re ready to ramp up your plant based cleaning then you’re going to love this new BABY detergent!


Scoop not included in this product, so you can either grab one of our custom made biodegradable & compostable scoops before you checkout OR use what you have at home. Recommended dose is 45 grams = 2 x Tablespoons. 

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26 reviews for BABY Laundry Detergent

  1. Adelaide

    Love this detergent. Very effective. I am very sensitive to fragrance and there is no lingering smell after washing with this.

  2. Teagan Davis

    Bought the baby laundry detergent for my family, as a non toxic detergent to use on our daughters’ clothes. So happy with it, cleans well and has a nice fragrance. Definitely recommend!

  3. Carmen (Verified Customer)

    I bought this product for general clothes washing as I switch to a no/low tox household. I really like it washes very well, no overpowering smell and it’s gentle on the fabric. I would buy again.

  4. Jessica

    Such a good washing powder. I use this on my babies cloth nappies, and also his clothes. He has extremely sensitive skin and this doesn’t cause any irritation.
    We had problems with other laundry detergents causing rashes, especially with the cloth nappies. But ever since we have changed to this we have seen a massive improvement.
    His clothes come out so clean as well. I use it on our clothes too!

  5. Jessica

    Love this for my cloth nappies. It is solidly built, and just very handy to have.

  6. Jessica

    Love the ingredients. I have used this before on my little one. He has extrememly sensitive skin and this works well for him.

  7. Morgana Willing

    Amazing clean!!!! I have been using cloth nappies for over 3 years consistently for 3 children and this detergent is amazing. Leaves nappies super clean and white and smelling fresh. I haven’t even been using an inwash booster for the very first time and the clean is perfect! Love that it’s plant based and made in Australia too 💕💕. I’ll only use this on my nappies now!

  8. Anonymous

    Washes cloth nappies extremely well. I’m impressed.

  9. Laura C.

    Amazing product – love that it is eco friendly and doesn’t have a strong fragrance. It works so much better than any other eco detergent I’ve tried! My soiled laundry has never come out looking so clean!

  10. Emma B.

    Honestly, our reusable nappies have never been brighter and whiter! LOVE this product!

  11. Allira

    The product is so amazing I just wish we could buy one bigger size pack instead of purchasing 3.

  12. Payton D.

    Amazing washing powder. My MCN’s have never been so clean and smell so fresh

  13. Su Liew

    I am loving using the baby detergent. Our nappies come out super fresh and bright. It does a great job on our regular laundry too. Everything smells clean with no overpowering fragrance. So pleased to find an Australian-made, plant-based detergent that performs like a mainstream powder!

  14. Cara Clews

    I was lucky enough to be invited to test this product prior to the launch and I can tell you even in the harsh WA Pilbra conditions this stuff gave my nappies a really great clean every time. One of the things I loved about this was the natural eucalyptus scent … a little puff of the Australian bush every time you go to use it. We mainly used this on our cloth nappies, but everything else we tried came up beautifully too. Love love love this detergent and highly recommend.

  15. Laura

    Not just for babies! This is the most powerful plant based laundry detergent I have used, and I’ve tried a few. When I want my laundry to shine, I only use B Clean. Nothing else compares!

  16. Stephanie

    After trialling a number of plant-based detergents, this is easily the best for cloth nappies! Our machine would be lucky to get up to 60 degrees, but we have never had an issue with properly washed nappies and ammonia build-up since switching to this detergent nearly a year ago. It’s also great on general clothing – win win!

  17. kaitlyn_sexton

    We love the Baby Eco Laundry Detergent!
    It ticks all the boxes for our family. No overpowering scents, great for sensitive skin types, eco-friendly, cloth nappy approved, and best of all, it not only cleans but removes all the smells too! Love knowing that we’re supporting Australian made products as well. We’ve tried numerous other products before but the Baby Eco Laundry Detergent is the best! Thanks for such an awesome product.

  18. Shari

    First time mum and have started our cloth bum journey! So many mums said it’s not worth the hassle of stains & smells – however our little babe is now a month old and not a single stain or smell! Love this product for my little ones cloth nappies and her clothing too.

  19. Mackenzie

    obsessed with this powder for all baby clothes & cloth nappies, smells amazing in the packet but doesn’t leave a smell on clothes!

  20. Paula

    Great for cloth nappies! No scent, washes newborn cloth nappies well. Liked so much we brought the bulk 10 pack! Quick delivery too.

  21. Faye

    Both BABY and SOFT are fantastic for washing all the baby’s laundry. I recently started using SOFT to wash the terry towelling nappies and they are notably softer.

  22. Phebe F

    LOVE this product. Won’t use anything else on my cloth nappies and baby clothes. Cleans so well, no more use for boosters or stain removers and bonus it smells great (because it barely has a smell). Win – win!

  23. Kim N.

    So happy with the Baby laundry detergent, I’ve been using it primarily on my reusable nappies, however have also started using it with our towels and on clothes that have had an infant breastfed poo explosion! The reason being that this detergent is super effective in getting the stains out! Much better than the commercial detergents I had been using. Thanks so much!

  24. Chanelle

    This is my favourite laundry detergent by far! The smell is amazing and it really gets everything clean. We no longer us stain removal boosters as this has them built in already. Everything comes out bright, clean (even blueberries) and smelling so fresh without a chemical smell. Highly recommend for nappies and general washing.

  25. Jade Walker

    I absolutely love these new cleaning products. I was using some other mainstream brands after constantly being told that natural products don’t work as well. So when I tried ‘Baby’ I was blown away by how clean the nappies came out. Interestingly, one week when I ran out I quickly went to the supermarket and got a cheap natural brand to get by and straight away I noticed my nappies not coming out as clean, and they felt really dry and crispy. Back on the “Baby” and now also using “Soft” they’re back to crystal clean again. Game changer

  26. Jade Walker

    Absolutely love everything this company stands for. Always incredibly helpful and friendly and I love that it’s an Australian business.

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