Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitiser

Why not smell great & keep the germs away at the same time! A must-have for any parent, this easy to use hand sanitiser will take you from the grubbiest of playgrounds to the the change room

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This go-anywhere hand sanitiser is a must have for any parent! Let’s face it having a baby takes you to the most germiest places around, so why not ensure your personal hygiene is in tip-top shape with something beautiful & refreshing!

The pure peppermint aroma will stimulate your sense and focus your mind! Just as effective as conventional sanitizers without the nasty chemicals! Only fair trade organic ethyl alcohol, organic peppermint oil, organic glycerin and water. Fair trade organic peppermint oil is sourced from Pavitramenthe in India—where we’ve worked with farmers to implement climate-friendly regenerative organic practices to build healthy soils, reduce erosion and sequester atmospheric carbon!

A quick spray & you are on the way!

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