Reusable Menstrual Pads

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Reusable Menstrual Pads are a game changer for your period. Designed with the softest dark purple, organic cotton velour against your skin and our water resistant backing to protect your underwear these washable menstrual pads are the best you will find.

Choose liners for all round protection, lights for the lighter days and regular and nights for the heavier days. Our night size also makes a great option for postpartum bleeding and are so much softer than anything else you will find.

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Reusable Menstrual Pads: The perfect match for your period


A staple in our Baby BeeHinds range these are the best washable period pads you will find

You will LOVE them – heres why.


Buttery Soft Organic Cotton Velour – You won’t find anything softer against your skin. We only use GOTS certified cotton so it really is the best of the best. Nothing butt the best for you mumma!

Ultra Absorbent Core – Using our custom milled bamboo fabrics the same as our awesome nappies, these hidden absorbency layers hold more than you could imagine. Lights & Liners have two layers and Regular and Nights have 3 layers for extra capacity on those heavy days.

Wings Made for Flying – Just like disposable pads, ours have wings with snap buttons to securely lock your pad in place and keep it where it belongs.

So if reusable nappies are good enough for your babe, these are good enough for you to mumma. Trust us when we say, you will never go back to horrible, crunchy pads again! Once you feel the softness of these pads against your lady-bits you will never go back!

How to wash your Pads

Washing your Reusable Menstrual Pads is super easy and there are a few options so pick one that works for you.

Step 1. 
Once soiled, remove from underwear and pop into a small bucket out of reach from little ones and soak with plain cold water until wash day. This reduces any staining and removes any surface bacteria.

If you are using cloth nappies, you can simply add them to your prewash nappy cycle instead and run through main wash with your clothing or other nappies.

Step 2. Add your washable menstrual pads to your main wash cycle and we recommend a long, warm wash on 40-60 degrees. A good detergent is essential particularly a detergent with enzymes is recommended so something like our BABY or SOFT detergent is a great, plant based option.

Step 3.  Line or tumble dry. Good to go.

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2 reviews for Reusable Menstrual Pads

  1. E

    EJ (Verified Customer)

    Excellent environmental product. I purchased my original set 8 years ago and am only just having to replace a few items now! I like the feel of the material and the purple colour (much better than black as you can get a better idea of volume!). Have just purchased for my daughter also.

  2. L

    Lisa (Verified Customer)

    Great reusable option, I’ve tried a couple of brands and these are my favourites. I find them easier to change than period undies (no need to take shoes off), purple colour is great, haven’t had any leaks before, stand up to washing with cloth nappies so far.

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