Stinky Nappies ….

Stinky Nappies … Troubleshoot here! 

Stinky nappies usually is a result of one of the following:

  • Not washing them as frequently as needed.
  • Not being completely dry before re-using them
  • Using too much or too little detergent!

The remedy for stinky nappies is fairly simple to fix luckily – here is how to prevent & treat the problem!

Prevent stinky nappies by washing every second day! Leaving nappies sitting for longer than this will make your nappies smell no doubt!

Are your nappies completely dry before using on bub? This is really important to make sure they are totally dry before using. A quick 10 minutes in LOW in the dryer will help to get them really dry, especially in winter. Completely dry nappies should smell fresh, not musty. Fresh air & sunshine is also a must for preventing musty smells!

Too much or too little detergent? Too much detergent can react with urine & lead to a ‘build up’ of detergent on your nappies which stops them absorbing properly and can make them stinky! Try a long, hot wash (max 60 degrees) with no detergent, followed by an extra rinse cycle. If this doesn’t work, then a strip wash might be needed. To strip wash repeat the process on a long, hot wash but use a 5c piece size of dishwashing detergent in the machine (yes the one you wash your dishes with), and repeat the rinse cycle until there are no more bubbles in the machine.  Too little detergent, simply means you need to add more detergent to your wash. Try increase by a table spoon the next wash and see if that makes a difference. If not, perhaps a new detergent might be a good option. See here for our list of recommended detergents that are safe to use.

For a deep clean of your nappies to remove that ammonia build up, we recommend using Funk Rock by Rockin Green – specifically designed for this purpose it will bring your nappies back to freshness in no time!

** Strip washing is a last resort and should be only done infrequently. A good washing routine will give you clean, sparkling nappies every time & prevent the need for strip washing!.

** Teething & illness in your babies can also attribute to strong smelling acidic wee, so a good rinse by hand under the tap to remove any excess ammonia is advised with during those times.




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