Fitted & Cover System Explained

Here at Baby BeeHinds, our one-size fitted nappy comes in both a bamboo blend and a hemp blend.

Fitted nappies require a cover to go over the top of them, as the outer layer of the nappy is not designed to be waterproof. Once you team a fitted nappy with a cover, you are using a 'Two Piece System'.

Two piece systems are incredibly flexible offering two layers of defence against leaks (nappy + cover), superior absorbency (because the ENTIRE nappy is absorbent, not just the crotch area), and better breathability (being made from natural fibres and also the option of going coverless in summertime). The bamboo fitted one-size nappies sold here at Baby BeeHinds are designed to grow with your baby. That is, designed to fit the average sized baby from birth to toddler. This means, as parents, you need not worry about purchasing different sizes as baby grows. Therefore, use of this system is one of the most economical cloth choices around. See below for more information about the size adjustability of these unique nappies.

Fitted One-Size Nappies:


Our bamboo fitted nappies are made from 10% polyester, 30% organic cotton fleece and 60% bamboo viscose fleece. Our bamboo nappies offer unbeatable absorbency and you just cannot go past these for a heavy wetter! The fibres are eco-friendly- grown without the use of pesticides and using limited water.

Our hemp fitted nappies are made from 55% hemp fleece and 45% organic cotton fleece.  Hemp nappies offer incredible durability, as the hemp fabric actually becomes stronger the more it is washed.  Hemp is a naturally organic fabric, requiring no pesticides or fertilisers.
Our covers are made from both PUL (which is basically polyester fabric coated with a water resistant layer of Polyurethane Laminate- breathable, yet still very effective) and PUL backed minkee (which is oh so soft to the touch). Our covers are sized newborn, small, medium and large to provide a precise fit over the nappies.
Paired with a BBH nappy, your bubba will be wearing the most leak-proof system around! Often, in summertime though, parents of toddlers will let their little ones wander around in just the fitted nappy (no cover on top) to allow for maximum airflow and breathability.

So...Is this the system for you? The fitted + cover system offers...


  1. Excellent Absorbency. The ENTIRE nappy is absorbent. Not just the crotch area as with other types of nappies. Therefore this means that the nappy contains more fabric that will soak up more moisture. And since Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are made from 2 of THE most absorbent fabrics available, you'd be hard pressed to find a more absorbent all-rounder nappy.
  2. Ability to adjust absorbency. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies actually include 2 inserts as part of the design. These inserts are inter-changeable and adjustable....meaning you can control the fit and absorbency of the nappy.
  3. Excellent value for money. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are 'one-size-fits-most'. Do you have a toddler AND a newborn? Forget buying two different sizes.....Our nappies actually adjust to fit both newborn and toddlers. Having a decent stash of 25-35 nappies will ensure your nappies last through from when bub is born to when they toilet train. How much would a full-time set-up cost? Anywhere from approximately $500.00 - $700.00. And that's it! Compare that to roughly $2500.00+ for disposables and the decision is easy.
  4. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies contain a minimum of 90% natural fibres that have been grown via environmentally friendly methods.
  5. Superior breathability. Fitteds made from natural fibres 'breathe' much more than pure synthetics. And if summertime is particularly hot in your area, you cant beat the beauty of leaving the cover off for ultimate breathability. This allows for lots of airflow!
  6. Superior leak protection. A fitted + cover system = 2 layers of defence against leaks. For peace of mind this is a great choice.
  7. Proven worldwide popularity. Our stuff is popular for a does the job!

Show me how this system works (please)...


These are the features of the Baby BeeHinds Original Fitted Nappies
Baby BeeHinds Fitted Nappies are One Size Fits-Most: they are designed to fit the average sized bub right though from birth to toilet training.


  • If baby requires extra absorbency overnight, a night booster positioned between the nappy and cover makes a world of difference and enables you confidence for a night nappy set up.
  • We recommend alternating between 2 covers during the day, letting one air whilst the other is in use, and then swapping them at the next change. This will ensure your covers stay performing at their best! At the end of the day, place both covers aside to wash, and the next day, use a fresh pair.
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 covers per size.
  • If you prefer a stay dry lining in your nappies, we recommend using microfleece liners, which are fully reusable- just wash in with your nappies. Microfleece is a synthetic fabric though, therefore the natural fibres of the nappy wouldn't be against baby's skin if using liners. Liners are a personal preference. Some parents use them, some parents don't. It's up to you! Microfleece fabric can be purchased at fabric stores and cut to shape. No sewing or hemming required.
  • You should expect a lifespan of between 150 - 250 washes from your Baby BeeHinds if they are cared for as per our recommendations.  If quantity on hand is sufficient for full time use (approx 25 per size for one child) then this is about 1.5 - 2.5 years - or a cost per wear of between 11c and 18c .  (There are so many variables which can affect the lifespan of nappies that it is impossible to give a precise life-span)

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