All-In-Two System Explained

Baby BeeHinds Petite All-In-IIs


Baby BeeHinds Petite All-In-IIs are an 'All-In-Two' System. That is- a system that has no need for any covers, liners etc.  Differing to an all-in-one system (where absorbency is sewn in), an all-in-two system has an absorbent soaker pad that 'snaps' in to provide the absorbency, and can be 'snapped out' and replaced with a fresh soaker pad at change time (providing baby has only weed, and not soiled the nappy).  This means you dont have to change the whole nappy, and therefore makes for a very economical nappying system! Two piece systems are user friendly and fast drying!  Our petite nappies are designed to provide a SUPER TRIM, slimline fit and are available in 3 different sizes, in order to provide a comfortable and precise fit for baby through each stage of their growth.

Petites composition. The nappy outer is made from luxiously soft minkee/PUL, and is lined with soft microfleece. Each Petite soaker pad is also lined with the stay-dry microfleece which draws moisture away from baby's skin and locks it inside the absorbent bamboo material of the soaker pad.  The soaker pad itself has an additional 2 layers of bamboo fleece and can be folded to provide an amazing 12 layers of bamboo absorbency in the 'wetzone'- right where it is needed!
Baby BeeHinds Petites fasten at the side- using our great quality KAM resin snaps.  Side snapping nappies are great as they allow babies who have chubby or lean thighs alike to get a perfect fit.  The waist and leg settings can be fastened independently, so if baby has a little waist but big thighs, that's okay- this nappy can still provide a beautiful fit!



So...Is this the system for you?

1) Super trim! Extremely trim- the cut and design means a slim-line fit- similar to or possibly smaller than disposables!
2) Stay dry: Completely lined in soft microfleece to keep baby's bum feeling dry.
3) Drying time: Fantastic drying time, which is ideal for those in colder climates in particular.
4) Absorbency: Decent absorbency for the average wetter. The long 'tails' of the snap-in soaker pad allow you to fold the absorbency to exactly where baby needs it- you can get up to 12 layers in the wetzone!

5) Price and economy: Despite being sized, this is a very economical nappy system- if baby has only peed you have the option of simply changing the snap in soaker pad and reusing the 'shell' of the nappy.

  • When travelling, take extra inserts- they take up less space, and dry fast, so you can take less nappies but get more changes!
  • Ensure the nappy is done up tight enough, to help prevent poo escapes! 
  • You should expect a lifespan of between 150 - 250 washes from your Baby BeeHinds if they are cared for as per our recommendations.  If quantity on hand is sufficient for full time use (approx 25 per size for one child) then this is about 1.5 - 2.5 years - or a cost per wear of between 11c and 18c .  (There are so many variables which can affect the lifespan of nappies that it is impossible to give a precise life-span) 

OK sounds great! I think I like this system! But what will it cost me?

If you're interested in TRYING this system before purchasing in bulk (tis a good idea), then we recommend purchasing a TRIAL PACK, or purchasing just one to try first, to see if you like it.  If, after using the trial pack/nappy, you decide that this is definitely the system for you, then you can consider some of our PACKAGES.

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