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Mixed Ecopads Trial Pack
Ecopads Trial Pack

Ecopads Trial Pack

Experience the softness and comfort of cloth pads.  Dont be grossed out- you'd be surprised....it's the most natural and comfortable way to take care of your menstrual needs!

In this trial pack you will get one of each size pad - Liners, Lights, Regular and Nights so you can try all sizes and work out what's best for you. Colours will vary between packs & will include a mix of  our in stock colours. 

All pads are topped with a stunning royal purple cotton velour, then teamed with one of our beautiful PUL colour options. The purple velour goes against the skin, the colourful outer fabric goes against your underwear. 

Our Ecopads are made with a core soaker of bamboo fleece attached to a hidden layer of bamboo jersey, a layer of PUL (to prevent leaks). All topped with gorgeously soft cotton velour. The pads' wings snap into place with our high-quality resin snaps.

*Please note a limit of one trial pack per customer applies*

No further discounts apply to trial pack purchases

SALE: $50.00
Save 14%
Liners - Measuring 22cm long and a 17cm wing span
(for use as a pantyliner or as a backup when using a tampon or menstrual cup)

Lights - Measuring 24cm long and a 17cm wing span
(for those women who need a longer liner, or for light flow days)

Regulars - Measuring 28cm long and a 20cm wing span
(for use on medium to heavy flow days)

Nights - Measuring 30cm long and a 21cm wing span.
(for use on heavy flow days, at night, or even postpartum bleeding)
Environmental: It is estimated that over 7 billion tampons and 12 billion pads (and their packaging waste) are disposed of annually! They are typically manufactured using rayon and non-organic cotton that is chlorine bleached. Production of rayon (a wood-pulp derivative) causes pollution. So does conventional cotton production, which uses synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and defoliants.

Health: Aside from the cotton potentially containing trace pesticides, etc. tampons have been found to contain trace levels of dioxin. Dioxin is produced as a by-product of the chlorine bleaching process. Dioxin is a known carcinogen that is linked to endometriosis and ovarian, cervical and breast cancers, among other things.

As if that isn't scary enough, the rayon fibers in tampons are linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS.) TSS is life-threatening and is caused by a bacteria build-up in the blood stream. Rayon is commonly used by tampon manufactures because it has super-absorbent characteristics, the same characteristic that causes health problems. Due to its super-absorbency, some of the fibers tend to get left behind by sticking to the vaginal walls. There they dry out the normally mucous-y vaginal wall leaving tiny wounds--doorways for bacteria into the bloodstream. Rayon does not discriminate with its super-absorbent quality: it holds bacteria just as well as bodily fluids, hence the link to TSS. While these health risks are far greater for tampon users than pad users, dioxin and rayon are both present in pads as well.

Cost: Tampons and pads are expensive! Women, individually, easily spend between $300 and $400 every 5 years on these products--over $2,000 a life-time!

  • Simply rinse your Ecopad as soon as possible in cold water and soak in cold water for no more than 24 hours.
  • Wash in cold or warm water with your normal detergent 
  • Do NOT use Fabric Softeners, Napisan or Bleach as this may damage the fabrics in your Ecopads
  • Line drying is best, but Ecopads can be tumble dried on a LOW setting.
  • Do not iron.
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