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Extra BBH Petite Insert

Extra inserts designed for use in the BBH Petite All-in-IIs HOWEVER makes an excellent all round booster. Can be snapped into Bamboo Fitted, Hemp Fitted Nappy OR can be used as a booster in any style of cloth nappy. 

Fold the long tails and position where you need the most absorbency. Easy. 

This is a discontinued product , however all items are brand new. Stay dry layer on the hourglass shape insert, and bamboo fleece layers in the tails and hourglass insert. Total bargain! 

No further discounts apply to clearance items
SALE: $4.00
Save 60%
These inserts are designed for use in the BBH Petite All-in-II nappies.  If baby has only peed, you have the versatility to simply change the soaker pad, rather than the whole nappy.  Replacing the soaker pad at change time will save you money, save space in the nappy bag and of course, provide baby with freshly cleaned fabric against the skin.   Simply remove the wet soaker pad and replace with a fresh one- it's just like a fresh clean nappy, but costs less!

No returns on this item. 

Purchase in bulk and $AVE!

Here at Baby BeeHinds, we feel it is important to reward our customers for choosing to make a bulk purchase with us.

Therefore, we have a tiered bulk purchase discount system, where the more you spend, the more you save. This is our way to say 'thanks' for choosing BBH and to save you money!

As you add items to your shopping cart, your certain items in your order will be automatically discounted once it reaches the first discount tier ($300 RRP). Your discount will increase as it moves up within the tiers ($400, $600 RRP). You will see this discounted reflected on the ORDER SUMMARY page, which is viewable just before confirming checkout. Feel free to scroll on through the checkout pages to check your discount at any time.  Your order wont be finalised until you actually complete the checkout process.

Please note- easy value packages and sale items are not applicable to any further discounts including bulk purchase discounts, as they are already discounted. However, any other individual items (such as this one!) will be discounted should your order reach the discount tier.
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