Fact or Fiction



Cloth nappies are too hard to manage!

Washing aint hard!

Cloth nappies are definitely NOT hard to use! Our systems offer superior fabrics, gentle elastic around the legs and back for a shaped fit and easy closure systems. And the washing? It's certainly not difficult...only about 3 extra loads of washing a week.

Cloth nappies cause rash!

Rash is directly related to frequency of changes.

If baby is changed regularly, baby should not experience nappy rash! True nappy rash is resultant from faeces and urine combining to burn the skin. This type of rash doesn't care what type of nappy you use, if baby isn't changed quickly enough, baby will rash up. Other types of rash include fungal infections (again, can occur whether baby wears cloth or disposable nappies) allergy, or sensitivity to wetness. All of these rashes can be avoided just as easily when baby wears cloth.

Modern Cloth Nappies are expensive!

Not compared to disposables...

Did you know, that based on the 'average' cost per disposable nappy, that you will spend approximately $3.50 per day using disposable nappies? (based on 7 changes /24 hrs). Multiply THAT by 2.5 years (average length of time in nappies) and you're looking at a cost of over $3000.00! This figure does not even include wipes (a further $800 approx). You can certainly set yourself up with a modern cloth system that will be less than half the cost of disposable nappies, and not only will you be saving money, but you'll be saving the environment also.

Cloth nappies are not better for the environment

Cloth nappies ARE better for the environment!

Here at Baby BeeHinds, we know there have been 'studies' conducted that indicate that cloth nappies are no better for the environment than disposable nappies. Those 'studies' were based on out-dated care practices (inc ironing nappies! As if!), irresponsible washing techniques, bleaching and the use of conventional cotton.

Fortunately, this year (2008) the UK's Environment Agency (Government) has released an updated report regarding the environmental comparison between disposable and reusable nappies. The new report confirms that reusable nappies are better for the environment than disposable nappies by up to 40%! That is a figure that cannot be ignored. 

With modern care practices, modern fabrics and modern technology, modern cloth nappies actually come out way ahead of disposable nappies. And what about all those chemicals contained in disposable nappies!

Something else to think about- your regular disposable nappy takes hundreds of years to break down. Imagine the billions of disposable nappies that are dumped in our Earth every day.

We don't wear disposable clothing... we don't use throw-away plates, knives and forks every night...it makes sense that a re-useable product is ALWAYS going to be better, environmentally and economically, than a single-use item.

Cloth is daggy

Have you seen the gorgeous products by Baby BeeHinds?! They are adorable!

Seriously, bubbas just look so much cuter in cloth!


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