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Pictured: Jessica, 5 months

"It is a privilege to write a testimonial about baby beehinds. I have three children and have used cloth nappies for all of them with Jessica my 5 month old in nappies now. When I had my first baby I bought a wide range of nappies and brands to try out, baby beehinds being one of them. The hemp fitted I bought is one of the only nappies still standing and has been my clear favourite. I loved how it fitted them at any stage and it was easy to dry as you could dry the pieces separately (not to mention cute! Very important in a nappy!! *grin*). I have recently purchased a pack of 6 baby beehinds to boost my nappy supply and am very happy indeed. THANKYOU!!!" Rachelle

Pictured: Hayley & Jessica, 11 months

"I would just like to say that I am a big Baby Beehinds fan! After finding out we were expecting twins last year, another expecting twin mum mentioned about modern cloth nappies. And so I purchased some Baby-beehinds and are loving them! I wish I had known about them when I had my 1st daughter, Kirsty, now 3 1/2years and toilet trained (finally!). My beautiful twins Hayley & Jessica are now 11 months old, and love the new PUL wrap colours of Orchid and Ruby Red, they couldn't wait to try them on! They also love to help me 'sort' out my washed fitted bamboo and hemp Baby Beehinds, by pulling out all of the nappies from the clothes basket and onto the floor!! I also use the Magic-alls and they are great and soo easy to use. Love the velcro!! These will come in very handy when I go back to work in November, and Hayley & Jessica will be in Childcare for a couple of days. I have a nice little collection of nappies now, but with twins, I usually wash a load of nappies every day. But I don't mind, considering I used all disposables with Kirsty (eekk!) Once I got the hang of putting on the cloth, I actually enjoy using cloth instead of disposables." Jayne

"We love the baby beehind bamboo nappies. While visiting family in Perth for 9 days (when Emmett was 3 months) we decided to use disposables instead of taking our cloth ones with us. Big mistake! Emmett was waking every few hours during the first few nights and we couldn't work out why. Then it dawned on me that he wasn't wearing his usual baby beehind bamboo nappies. So while visiting a baby store in Perth for a light weight stroller, the salesperson advised there was an environmental store two shops down where we could purchase some cloth nappies. We were so happy when we found they sold the baby beehind bamboo and hemp nappies. We bought three and a PUL cover and Emmett was back to sleeping through the night! We all got our sleep and were much happier. When my husband returned back to Melbourne for work, Emmett and I extended our stay for another 2 weeks and he was able to send over the whole lot of nappies for us to use. We love our baby beehind nappies, they are fantastically absorbent and work a treat with no nappy rash either!" Leslie

Pictured: Julius- 18 months.

"When I discovered that we were going to have a baby, I knew I wanted to use reusable nappies for both financial and environmental reasons. But I was overwhelmed by the choice available. Baby BeeHinds were, without a doubt, the nappy of choice for me. I was hooked on the great Australian design concept where the fitted nappies fit newborns through to toddlers and grow as the baby grows therefore saving me even more money and the worry of continuously buying bigger size nappies. And the offer of a nappy party to let me see and feel the nappies before investing in a nappy collection was very appealing. I now have a stash of Fitted One Size, bamboo and hemp nappies and covers, as well as Magic-Alls. My son is now 18 months old and our nappies are still going strong. I only recently discovered the Magic-Alls and these are great to slip on a restless toddler or when we are going out. Baby BeeHinds are easy to use, launder and are long-lasting- a great investment. I can’t wait to buy some more Baby BeeHind nappies when baby number 2 comes along! And my husband finds them easier to use than a disposable- true story!" Sabina

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