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"We started out using terry cloth squares on my daughter when she was first born, then severe reflux forced us into disposable nappies (I just couldn't keep up with washing nappies and spewy clothes!). After a while she developed a rash from the elastic in the disposables, and we again turned to cloth. This time we began using Baby Beehinds. We mostly use the bamboo nappies with pul covers. These are simply the best nappies for night use, they allow our daughter to sleep through the night without a nappy change. They are super absorbent and comfortable for her. We also just love the covers, not only are they soft, stretchy and breathable, but we love the bright colours too. We have also been using the magic-alls for day use. These are invaluable nappies for outings, it is so nice not to have to worry about taking covers and inserts, they are just as easy to use as disposables, and just as convenient. The best thing about Baby Beehinds nappies is that they are fantastic for my daughter, we don't have the rash any more, she can sleep in them, and we've not had any leaks. Great for the environment and the hip pocket too, but it's really all about my child's comfort, and you can't beat these for comfort. I have ordered most of my Baby Beehinds products online, and I can say that the delivery times are great. And the service is fantastic. I had a stud pop off a nappy I bought, and they fixed it right up for me. There was just no hassle. It's nice to deal with a company that sees me as a person, not just as money. Thanks Baby Beehinds for helping our child be happy in her nappy!" Sara

Pictured: Charlotte, 11 months

"We've been using cloth since our daughter was newborn but started out using terry flats. We were converted by a friend to use the fitted bamboo baby beehinds and haven't looked back. We were extremely impressed by the perfect fit, amazing absorbency, quality of materials and of course we couldn't go past the cute factor! Another great plus was the fact that we can use them from birth to toilet training. I could go on all day about these nappies, they really are perfect for us and our little one!" Stephanie

Pictured: Joe (5 yrs) & Jen (1 yr)

"When I first heard about Baby Beehinds it was before I had my first child. I tried to use cloth nappies for Joe but it was too much effort, especially for my husband who, in his words, has '10 thumbs' and could never safely handle the pins for the nappies. I tried every different sort of pin, snap, cover, etc to try to make it easier but we ended up just using disposables. Four years later we had a daughter, lived in a new town and I had decided to try to avoid disposables if I could find a suitable alternative. By accident I came across the logo of Baby Beehinds on another website and it jogged my memory. I got on to the website and was impressed with the style so I ordered the trial pack. Well, Mum happened to be visiting when I was testing it all out and we both thought they were fantastic - especially after I compared the costs of what I would have spent on disposables ($800 plus per year) against the costs of the cloth nappies ($400 plus depending on what I chose). I have now been using the Baby Beehinds nappies, both originals and all-in-ones, for 2 years (my daughter is 2 in a couple of weeks). I have sent the all-in-ones with Jen to child care and the carers were most impressed. I have had many people comment on the nappies and how good an idea they are. My sister was very impressed and said that if she was on her first child instead of her fourth (and last) she would definitely have jumped on the band wagon! As it was she purchased some of the PUL covers anyway to see her through with the old square cloth nappies that she uses. I love these nappies and think they are fantastic. It's great to see that they are always being improved too." Gayle

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