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Pictured: Satori, 8 months.

"Hi my name is Alysha and my beautiful baby boy is Satori. I have had Satori in baby beehind nappies since he was 6 weeks old and wished I had managed to get him in them earlier. Satori has cerebral palsy and I can find some comfort knowing he is in good quality, long lasting nappies. He is now 16mth old and using them every day. We don't know when Satori will be toilet trained and this most likely wont be for some time, so I get great satisfaction knowing that these nappies will stay with us till he achieves that and that his little bottom is in great hands." Alysha

Pictured: Esme, 1 week.

"We started using Baby BeeHinds nappies when our son, Jacob, was about 12 months old. They were our first experience with using cloth nappies (prior to that we had been using disposables) and we were so impressed with the ease of use and the fit on our chubby boy that we have never looked back. Jacob is now just over two and our original stash that we bought for him is still going strong! Just last week our beautiful baby girl, Esme, was born and now she is using the same nappies that Jacob uses and fitting into them wonderfully (although we did have to purchase a few more *grin* ) We have always been very impressed with the wonderful customer service at Baby BeeHinds, any concerns or questions we had about the nappies was always answered promptly and informatively. Thank you for a wonderful product!" Narelle

"Like most cloth nappy users, I have tried quite a few different brands and types. I started my journey with prefolds, which were great when Sophia was a tiny baby and nappy changes seemed to be a never-ending chore. But then, bliss and happiness, she grew up a bit more and the long awaited day (or night!) finally arrived when she started sleeping for longer! So I contacted all of our cloth nappy friends and went on the prowl for the perfect night-time nappy. And what did I find? Baby BeeHind fitted nappies!! The two part system of nappy and separate cover works a treat, and I love the fact that I can tailor them to meet my daughter's individual wetting needs by adding boosters and using the larger, longer inserts at night. Since using Baby BeeHind fitted nappies I have not had to worry about wet sheets or clothes - they simply do not leak!! Now I only ever use Baby BeeHind fitted nappies at night and I couldn't be happier! There is no need to change Sophia overnight - these nappies last the whole night through. They're amazing! But that's not the end of my Baby BeeHind story. Before starting back at work two days a week I had to decide what nappy system to use at childcare. I wanted something that would be easy for the carers to use, and provide effective, stay-dry comfort for Sophia. The solution seemed to be pocket nappies, with their built-in cover, but I was not happy with the pocket nappies I had used previously (I won't mention the brand, but the insert didn't always stay inside the pocket, leaving Sophia wet and uncomfortable). Because I had been so impressed with the fitted nappies I went back to the Baby BeeHind website to see what else was in store. And that's when I found the Magic-Alls. They are pocket nappies, so I was a bit sceptical when I first tried them, but my scepticism very quickly turned to joy. These really are Magic! They are very absorbent, super soft, fit snugly around the legs and waist, and best of all the inserts stay where they are supposed to be! Problem solved! I'm happy, Sophia's happy, and her carers are happy. You can't ask for more than that!" Suzie

Pictured: Sophia, 9 months

Pictured: Jarad, 4 months.

"As a first time mum I love the 'All In Ones' because they are easy to put on my baby boy, are extremely well made, easy to wash and look wonderful on him. Most of all I feel good that I am doing my part to keep our environment clean, goodbye to disposables. I don't agree with those who argue that cloth nappies also create environmental problems as you need to wash frequently, further depleting our precious water supplies - lets look at the bigger picture - the extra water you use per year is negligible compared to the billion of disposable nappies that make up land fill every year - not to mention the plastic bags that the disaposables are wrapped in. I feel good that I'm supporting the cloth nappy industry and Baby Beehinds because they're not putting a burden on our environment and are employing people who are environmentally aware. In doing this I am also doing my part in providing a clean environment for our children and future generations." Vicky

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