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"Baby Beehinds fitted nappies are the favourite in our household. They are super absorbant and fit perfectly, even at the newborn stage. So easy to use that they are the first nappy my husband grabs at changetime. We just love the bright colours - they always put a smile on my face. Thanks Baby Beehinds.Nina-Jay


"I love baby beehinds, after having five children and endless folding and fussing of nappies comes a nappy that saves me so much time, I now have time to spend on the important things in life!.My baby loves wearing these nappies and seems to not get nappy rash anymore. I cant express how much I love baby beehinds, so much that I tell everyone about them including my friends without children!Mary


"Every time I visit the supermarket and walk through the 'nappy isle' without man-handling enormous boxes of nappies, I feel absolutely euphoric!  Not only have our shopping bills reduced dramatically, but our baby is happier and I also have a shiny halo from denouncing the disposables forever!!  Thank you Baby Beehinds.Alexandra



"My girls love their BabyBeehinds covers!  We've been using them on both our newborn and toddler and they are fantastic.  They have been used with a single cloth for day use and over double cloth for nighttime use and we don't have any issues with leakage.  They are definitely the best covers on the market!!Andi



"I have used my Baby Beehinds bamboo fitteds and PUL covers since Matilda was about 2 weeks old. I love that I'll be able to use them from birth until she is toilet trained, even after 8 months of heavy use they're still going strong.  They are wonderfully absorbent and soft, and nothing ever gets past a PUL cover! I love my Baby Beehinds and I  recommend them to everyone. Thanks for a great nappy!"  Jo



"Love - the colours, Love - the fit, Love - the absorbency, Love - the customer service, Love - Baby Beehinds!  What more is there to say?Lisa



"Baby Beehinds is a fantastic comapny - their website has got great information on it, which helped me a lot when I was deciding what cloth nappies and covers to buy and how many.  The staff contact is excellent - very friendly and they keep me up-to-date with the progress of my orders, and the products are user-friendly and come in a great range of colours.  I use the bamboo fitted nappies and both the PUL and woollen covers and I love them (and so does my baby!)" Tamra


"I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with your bamboo nappies.  When I looked on your website and saw photos of how they fit both a newborn and a toddler, I was convinced they were worth a try.  I bought 2 to try and knew immediately that I had found what I was looking for.  I then bought 20!  Best customer service I have had in a very long time.  The leg elastic sewn on to the outer layer is pure genius.  No red marks from elastic cutting in to chubby little thighs, and no sagging nappy.  Baby feels and looks good.  I like the natural fibres against our little one's skin and although he has eczema and generally sensitive skin, he has never once had a nappy rash!  My husband finds them easy to use and likes the way they fit our son.  it has always been easy to get a good fit at all ages and sizes and washing is a breeze.  They do take a while to dry- that's why I have 20!  The absorbency is superb.  I've never had a leak with these nappies.  I've given up on disposables entirely because we often had leaks and gel crystals on baby's bottom which I just dont like.  Thank you for creating a product that is good for baby, good for the environment, good for my wallet and actually does the job."  Sue



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