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"It's important for us to be kind, to the environment AND our son, so our choice is the Baby Beehind, its quality is number one!"  Cleo

"When researching MCN's (Modern Cloth Nappies) my first approach was to have a nappy party to see and feel the product.  I fell in love with the softness of the bamboo and the brightness of the colours that I ordered a bunch!  Upon trying them on my toddler - I was so impressed by the absorbency and fit that I ordered more!!  They are definitely my favourite in fitted nappies - we use them boosted overnight with a wool cover and no leaks after 12 hours.  I know that if there is ever going to be a time where I may not be able to change her frequently (ie car trips) I always ensure she has her BBB (Bamboo Baby BeeHinds) on over any other brand!"  Kellie


"Hi Baby Beehinds, Just making a quick moment to let you know that we are loving your product ( fitted bamboo & covers).  On 3rd Sept we received a precious gift- a baby girl ( very exciting to us as we have 4 awesome sons). Anyway, Aisling ( Pronouced: ASH- ling) has been in the nappies for over 3 weeks full time. Until then we weren't sure her 6lb 2oz body would fill them out. So we were surprised when at 3 weeks we couldn't resist the cute-ness of the nappies any longer and decided to try them on her, and they fitted!! YAY!  We have used disposable nappies for our 4 boys (bar a few months when we tried the flat cloths)and even after only 3 weeks use we really wish we knew about Modern Cloth Nappies 9.5 years ago!  We made the choice to use MCN this time round based on the $.  What a pleasure it is to find that we are now so in love with the product that nappy changing is fun!! (may change when she is on solids!!) I haven't had a major leak yet- only a small one from the sides because I had left it on far too long.  BTW I do find them much more absorbent than the disposables we used  in the past, so I am going through less nappies generally.  I can't pin point what it is exactly about them that I adore- they are all round great.  Thanks so much for the service, and the product."  Michelle


"Hi there, I used one of your AIO nappies on my son last night, it's the first time I have ever used a modern cloth nappy and it was FANTASTIC thank you.  I wish I had known about modern cloth nappies with my other 2 children.  I will certainly be ordering more."  Page


"This is my first bubby and I just love these nappies. Thank you all for helping me decide on what I need and how many ect and letting me do a long layby. Another thank-you for the super fast postage and all great service. My midwife loves my nappies too and so do many other people- I show them off all the time when we are out and about, in the mothers change room etc".  Elisha


"Just wanted to send a quick email to say Thankyou! I recently ordered a package of nappies for my sister in New Zealand as a gift for her second baby who is on the way - she has been trying them out on her two year old and loves them already!  There was an extra nappy in with the order, I'm guessing it was put there as a bonus? (Either that or I owe you some money!) So thankyou! I absolutely love your nappies and have just ordered more covers for my son who is now big enough for the large - love the one size nappies, no need to buy more!"  Sarah


"Hi!  Thank you for making such WONDERFUL nappies! I absolutely love mine and they are still going strong after 19 months of use!"  Kate


"Hi, I purchased 30 nappies + covers from you and have been using them on my 4 week old baby since birth.  They are the most wonderful nappies - and my little James loves them.  The newborn setting works wonders, and I haven't had a single leak/blowout since using them.  I have found that they don't take as long as I though to dry either.  Melbourne is currently 14degrees average and I have found that by leaving them on a covered clothes line for 2 days dries them nicely.  I feel much better using your nappies than disposable ones, I used disposbales for the first 2 days and the rubbish/waste was disgraceful.  Thankyou for making such a wonderful nappy.  I have recommended them to my sister and she has now ordered some and is anxiously awaiting their arrival."  Anna


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