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"I just wanted to say that I think that your products are fantastic.  I have a 17 month old son, and have been using cloth nappies from birth during the day but always disposables at night.  I have had a long term problem of him wetting through his nappies at night and have tried numerous solutions from bigger nappies to putting sanitary pads inside his nappy, and nothing had worked.  After an internet search for a solution I, found that many mum's recommended your Bamboo or Hemp nappies with boosters, so without delay I ordered your Trial Pack and WOW!! I have used them for three nights now and had no leaks.  I also love the PUL Covers for using over the flat square cloth nappies I use in the day time.  So Congratulations on such a great product, and you can expect another order from me very soon.  With number two only a few weeks away I will be using BBH nappies at night right from the start this time.  Thanks from a much relieved and much more relaxed mum." Sandra


"Hello, I am writing to acknowledge what a fantastic product your Magic-All AIO is!  I have 3 sons - 4yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months.  I have never used cloth nappies before believing them to be lots of extra work requiring soaking etc.  We live on a farm with rain water only, so water is precious.  I decided to buy one nappy to trial with my 6 month old son as he was getting a red mark due to rubbing from the disposable nappies he wore.  As soon as I opened the Baby Beehind packet I was impressed - so soft and cute!  I put it in the washing machine before I used it.  When I took it out I thought my machine must have broken down.  The nappy felt dry!  On closer inspection, the outer nappy and the inner which touches the baby's bottom was dry but the 'pouch' was very wet.  Amazing!  I have since added up the money I will save and caring for them is so easy - I will just add them to my other washing which I do every day.  I have bought one larger one for my 2 year old who is currently toilet training and 5 more for my baby.  What a fantastic product you have.  I wish I had trialed them 4 years ago!"  Fiona


"I just wanted to let you know that I love using your nappies.  I tried the old style cloth nappies but found them time consuming and not very absorbent.  I find your nappies easy to use and to clean, very gentle on my babies skin. I have not had any leakages and love the way that you can add extra inserts.  I am always promoting your nappies and love the fact that I am helping the environment." Joanna


"Good Afternoon, I purchased 22 bamboo fitted nappies about 2 months ago, and I just wanted to say I think they are absolutely WONDERFUL!! I purchased the baby beehinds to replace a similar product from another company which I had constant quality problems with. Baby Beehinds have far exceeded my expectations in quality and absorbency plus they look so cute on my baby's bottom! Well done Baby Beehinds on an excellent, quality for money product!"  Hannah


"Hi, I just received my order and I think I'm going to have trouble using them because they're so beautiful!  Thank you so much!" Elissa


"You definitely get a big thumbs up from us!  We have a 2 and a half year old and an 8 month old in our BBH and we love that we can use the same nappies for them both.  I was always a bit sceptical about OSFA but they've fit beautifully from days old through to nearly 3! Nappies also get serious brownie points from me if they are husband-friendly- my hubby gets lost very quickly if there's too much fiddling to do but he very happily changes nappies if they're BBHs!  While I'm being the president of your fan club here, I'll also add that my baby girl has awful eczema and I gave up using other terry style nappies (cotton or bamboo) because the fabric just got too rough after a while and was too scratchy on her skin.  BBH fitteds have stayed soft and smooth enough not to irritate her too much and I know the AIOs would be even better. So thanks for all your hard work.  It makes our lives much easier!"  Kylie


"I should also say that I love my Baby Beehinds and am so glad that I went with them over the other options. They're beautiful nappies to use - they fit my little guy Liam (4 months now) really snugly and they're so much more reliable for leaks etc than disposables. Liam is really happy in them and he looks pretty cute as well! Congrats on developing a great product."  Helene

"I can honestly say that I really LOVE your AIOs, they are so easy to use and care for.  I was such a sceptic at first being a very time poor new mum with my first baby.  A friend of mine put me onto them and I have been using them since May 2009 (when baby was 8 months old) and gradually building up my stock (have 18 now).  The ladies at my local daycare also find them so easy to use, and keep commenting on how soft they are.  On average, they throw out 2 garbage bags a day (can you believe it!) of disposables for the centre.  Imagine all that going into landfill!   I'm certainly very glad I discovered your product and gladly let others know about you when asked.  If these nappies can convert me, well, then anyone can use them!  So well done, and here's wishing you every success with your business!" Jenny
" I am writing to say that we have found the Smooth Magic-Alls a fantastic product.  We started using them when our first son was 14 months old and haven’t looked back.  We purchased 6 initially and have been building up our supplies ever since.  Our second son arrived 2 ½ months ago and was diagnosed with an Umbilical Hernia.  However, since using the Magic-Alls (they sit up quite high and cover the belly button area) it has improved 100%.  There is still a hernia there, however the belly button doesn’t protrude like it used to.  Since we have realised that this is most likely due to the nappies, we have heard of an old wives tale where pennies were strapped to baby’s bellies to apply pressure to the belly button area to try and fix the hernias.  The Magic-All nappy is a great modern day solution if you ask me.  Thanks again for a great durable product! Rebecca
" Hi, Thought you may like some feedback from a very happy customer! I've used Baby beehinds (2 step nappy system) on my son for 18 months and it has been amazing. He's a hefty lad, but the nappies fitted right up until toilet training and I can't remember ever having a leaking accident. We've always soaked our nappies in a little dettol in plain water then rinsed and washed in the machine, and even after 18 months they are stain free - miraculous. They were convenient, easy to use and oh-so-cute! Plus your customer service was really helpful whenever I called with a question which is most appreciated. If you ever have need of a testimonial from a real live family about your nappies I'd be so happy to do it - they have been amazing. And we estimate we've saved at least a thousand dollars by using cloth, not to mention the benefits to our environment. So thank you! "  Bronwyn
" I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my baby beehinds. My son is 19 months old and since he was 6 weeks old I have used a variety of cloth nappies.I have only just started using baby beehinds after inheriting a magic all from my sister. Wow! I wish I had started with baby beehinds, they are far superior to any of the other brands I have used. They are superb quality, excellent fit, look gorgeous and are so absorbent. I am ready to give up disposables and use only cloth. Thanks again! "  Angela
" I LOVE your night nappies. My son is a VERY VERY heavy night wetter and not a SINGLE LEAK. He as resently been pooing in the early morning while he is still in his night nappie and STILL no leaks. WOW!!!!! He is 5 months and in size medum. Thanks 100000000000 times!!!!"  Shara
" Hi, I have been using your cloth nappies for 4 months now on my little boy and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. My son had been getting terrible nappy rash with disposables. We tried everything-different brands, wipes, air time, creams and nothing seemed to help. A doctor even prescribed cortisone cream which I wasn't too keen on using. I am really pleased to say that once swapping to cloth his skin has improved dramatically. I just want others to know that cloth is a great solution for skin irritations. Most info on cloth is about the environmental benefits (which of course is great) but for those whose kids have bad nappy rash, cloth is ideal!!" Sarah

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