Thinking about Cloth Nappies .. but not sure what is the best style for you or where to start? Read on for advice from the experts! 
Whether you're choosing to try cloth nappies for environmental, saving money or cuteness factor there are lots of styles and it can get overwhelming so we will keep it simple to get you started. With 13 years experience in the business and thousands and thousands of happy customers you are in safe hands with your cloth nappy journey with the Baby BeeHinds team. 

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Newborn to 6 months
So the simplest & easiest way to start out is our our Magicalls All-In-One. Imagine a washable version of a disposable and it's as simple as that! Waterproof outer, super soft bamboo/organic cotton absorbent layers all built into the nappy so all you need to do is open it up, lay bub down & do up the Velcro waist. Done. Simple. As. That. This nappy style has been awarded the Best All-In-One two years in a row for a reason! Its super simple, easy to use and plenty of absorbency. Select newborn size if you have a hub on the way, or small if they are about 5kgs. Hardest decision .. picking the colour! 

What is the best value for money?
Our one-size styles simply grow with your baby meaning the one nappy lasts from 3kg right through to toilet training, so these are brilliant value for money. You can literally spend about $500 (24 nappies) in total for these styles, and you will save thousands of dollars instead of using disposables. You adjust the sizing as they grow, by adjusting how you snap the buttons on the front. So you can use the same nappy all the way through. Luckily both our Bamboo Fitted & Magicall Multifit also won back to back Gold Awards in the Cloth Nappy Awards so you're in safe hands. 

How many do I need? 
Start with one. Start with twenty. As long as you start & give it a go. Every less disposable used, is one less piece of plastic in landfill for 300 years so just one modern cloth nappy makes a difference. 

Seriously though, we recommend around 10-12 cloth nappies to use part-time or 24+ to use full time. Allowing for 8-10 nappy changes per day including nights, washing every couple of days, these are a good place to start. To give you an idea this One-Size Bulk Pack for full time is hands down our best seller and gives you an idea of what combination works. 

What to love about Baby BeeHinds:
  • Multi-Award Winning products (see full list here
  • We only internationally certified fabrics, dyes, fittings meaning you get the best of everything possible for your baby. And our products last. 
  • There are over 25 different colours& prints to choose from so there is something for every little fashionista or matching outfit. 
  • Bamboo, Hemp & Certified Organic cotton is all we use for our absorbent layers. Natural fibres are softer, gentler on sensitive skin. 
  • Washing is super simple!

Trial Packs are a great place to start to figure out what style works for you & your baby. Our best selling Trial Pack is the New Mums to Cloth Pack. It gives you one of each style to try with a great discount & free shipping!
We also have bulk discounts available where you can save up to 30% off. We can also customise a bulk pack for you with a nice discount too.

Do you need anything else? 
No, just a baby & your cloth nappies! We have a beautiful range of accessories that do make change time a bit easier. All eco friendly, top quality products (all on sale at the moment!) Wetbags will help store smelly & dirty nappies when your out & about, nappy liners make removing solids super easy & don’t forget the beautiful cloth menstrual pads & breast pads for you!
Remember though, that because of the many different shapes bubs come in, one product that works for a friends bub, may not be the best nappy for yours in terms of fit or absorbency. In light of this, we highly recommend reading through the information on each nappy style. You really cant go wrong with the superior quality of Baby BeeHinds cloth nappies & accessories.
If reading through all this information is just too much and you would like to talk to an expert to help explain and figure out the best style for your needs, then give us a call at HQ on 02 4976 2729 or pop us an email to




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