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Classic Rock Hard Rock

Rockin Green Samples

Can decide on which scent to order? Not sure which formula you want? Then why not try our sample packs of Classic Rock, Hard Rock or both. Available in these amazing scents:

•Bare Naked Babies / Unscented
•Lavender Mint Revival - walking through a field of lavender with a Mint Julep in your hand
•Mötley Cleän - ocean breezes greet your senses
•Smashing Watermelons - juicy, fresh and a little bit sweet with just a touch of tartness

Each pack will do from 2 - 4 loads depending on the type of washer you have. Frontloaders use only 1 TBS (4 loads / pack) and toploaders use 2 TBS (2 loads / pack).
SALE: $2.50
Save 37%
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