Setting Up - What Do I Need?

Nappies - How many?

Fitted nappies + Covers - For full time use, we recommend a minimum of 25 fitted nappies and 6 at least PUL covers per size. You will then have enough nappies to wash every second day, and have a couple spare in case of bad weather. We recommend rotating between two covers throughout the day- one worn by baby, and one airing after you've done a nappy change, with one clean spare cover in case of an accident and then the other in the wash. The other 2 are for night time use; one tonight, the other tomorrow night. Hence the need for at least 6 covers. It really does make life easier to have the recommended number of covers on hand- it is very frustrating when you discover that you don't have enough because they are all in the wash!
If you have 2 babies in cloth nappies, we recommend 35 fitted nappies as a minimum quantity.
All-In-I or All-In-II nappies - For full (day-time) use, we recommend anywhere 18 + nappies in whichever size your baby needs. If you have two babies in the same size, you would need to double the quantity.
Multi-Fit Pocket nappies- For full time use, we recommend a minimum of 26 nappies.  For nights, you could use these nappies and just add an extra night-time 'booster' to boost the absorbency (see below).  Around 5 night boosters should be sufficient.
For night times - We recommend using a Baby BeeHinds NIGHT nappy, available in medium and large.  4 per size should be perfect!  A cover will be required over the top of these night nappies. Our Bamboo or Hemp Fitted nappies are another excellent choice for nights. 

If you want to use a mixture of products - Some people like to use the fitted nappies for home and night use, and the All-In-I / All-In-II/ Multi-Fit pocket nappies for daycare and/or going out. This is absolutely fine and is a great idea. In this case, we would recommend 25 fitted nappies (with the relevant number of covers- see below) and around 5-6 All-In-I (or All-In-II, or Multi-Fit Pocket) nappies in whichever size baby requires.


Boosters 'boost' the nappy, by providing extra absorbent fabric when it is needed, for example, at night. Some babies require boosting at night because they are heavy wetters, and the nappy alone is not enough to hold all of their wee throughout the 13 hours or so overnight. Here at Baby BeeHinds we sell brilliant night weight boosters made from bamboo, and these can be found in our webstore. They are known as 'Bamboo Fold Ups', and are very useful if using our Magic-All All-In-Ones overnight.  You should not require a booster if using a BBH night nappy overnight.


Liners are an 'optional' extra when cloth nappying your baby. They make dealing with poos super easy as you simply lift the liner out & flush! Baby BeeHinds flushable liners are a premium product made from 100% viscose, so they are super soft on the skin, flushable, compostable and very cost effective. 

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